Most Painful Insect Bites and Stings


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21 Yellow Fire Wasp

An odd, distressing pain.
Tiny blowtorches kiss your arms and legs.

22 Honey Wasp

Spicy, blistering.
A cotton swab dipped in habanero sauce has been pushed up your nose.

23 Glorious Velvet Ant

Instantaneous, like the surprise of being stabbed.
Is this what shrapnel feels like?

24 Suturing Army Ant

Like a cut on your elbow, stitched with a rusty needle

25 Cicada Killer

It's pain at first sight.
Like poison ivy or oak, the more you rub, the worse it gets.

26 Nocturnal Hornet

Rude and insulting.
An ember from your campfire is glued to your forearm

27 Giant Sweat Bee

Size matters, but it's not everything.
A silver tablespoon drops squarely onto your big toenail, sending you hopping

28 Asian Needle Ant

Like nightfall following a day at the beach, but you forgot the sunscreen.
Your burned nose lets you know.

29 Slender Twig Ant

Like a skinny bully's punch.
It's too weak to hurt you, but you suspect a cheap trick might be coming.

30 Iridescent Cockroach Hunter

Itchy with a hint of sharpness.
A single stinging nettle pricked your hand

31 Sweat Bee

Light, ephemeral and almost fruity.
A tiny spark has singed a single hair on your arm.

32 Indian Jumping Ant

Imagine getting up out of bed, and you drank your coffee, but it tasted so bitter it hurt your mouth.

33 Water-Walking Wasp

Its sting is clever, but trivial.
Like magic, in which you cannot quite figure out the difference between pain and illusion.

34 Little Wasp

Sharp meets spice.
A slender cactus spine brushed a buffalo wing before it poked your arm.

35 Carpenter Ant

It bites you, and then it sprays formic acid.
Which burns tissue.

Therefore you're being burned alive by the ant.

36 Wood Ant
37 Jack Jumper Ant

It's like when your oven mitt had a hole in it when you pulled the cookies out of the oven.

38 Metallic Green Ant

Like biting into a habanero pepper, it burns.

39 Red Bull Ant

Any of you knowing this will realize getting stung by a red bull ant is like stepping on a Lego.
And it's less painful than a honeybee.

40 Bulldog Ant Bulldog Ant

It's like a dog bit you in a sensitive spot.

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