Most Painful Insect Bites and Stings


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41 Giant Ant

A pulsing sting with some flavor.
You stepped on a salt bath with an open wound.

42 Golden Ant

A slow stream of molten wax poured over your wrist.
You want to twist away, but you can't.

43 Samsum Ant

Pure, sharp, piercing pain.
As if you pressed your thumb on a tack.

44 European Fire Ant

Like the prickle of stinging nettles on your skin on a hot, humid day.

45 Southern Fire Ant

It happens on the third day, as you reach for the light switch, and you're wondering
When will you ever learn?

46 Tropical Fire Ant

You should've learned, but the carpet is the same, and when you again reach for the light switch, the shock mocks you.

47 Elongated Twig Ant

Reminiscent of a childhood bully.
Intimidating, but his punch only glanced your chin, and you lived for another day.

48 Asian Army Ant

Simple and plain.
A loose carpet tack pierces the ball of your wool-socked foot.

49 Giant Bornean Carpenter Bee

Electrifying, sharp, and piercing.
Next time, hire an electrician.

50 California Carpenter Bee

Swift, sharp and decisive.
Your fingertip has been slammed by a car door.

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