Top Ten Most Painful Moments in Spongebob Squarepants Episodes

Here are some of the most painful moments in Spongebob Squarepants that make you cringe.

The Top Ten

1 Squidward rips off his toenail extremely violently (House Fancy)

If you watch Spongebob, I am pretty sure that you know about this one

Everything most painful happened to Squidward. Poor guy.

I don't want to see this ever again.

Don't remind me.

2 Spongebob gets a huge nasty splinter (The Splinter)

Dear Lord...this one made me hide under the blankets as a kid (because it was too painful to watch) and gag in my mouth as a teen (disgusting). - TheComicComic

3 Squidward falls down the cliff while getting stung by a jellyfish and makes an explosion and has to get his entire body wrapped in white bandages. (Jellyfishing)

He must've been in shock he couldn't scream. Same with the end of the episode where the queen jellyfish stung him.

It’s hard to believe that all Squidward said was “ow” quietly. - DrayTopTens

4 Squidward falls off cliff (Slide Whistle Stooges)
5 Squidward gets stung by queen jellyfish (Jellyfishing)

He was still so quiet when he was zapped by this, he only said ow.

6 Squidward rips off his eyebrow along with some of his skin (Pineapple Fever)

The toenail scene is overhated. This scene is WAY more gross and WAY worse. This should be #1.

7 Spongebob, Patrick, and Larry crash into a bunch of huge spikes known as “Rippers Reef” (A Life in a Day)
8 Mr Krabs gets stung by thousands of jellyfish all at once (Jellyfish Hunter)
9 Alaskan bull worm crushes everyone in the city (Sandy, Spongebob, And The Worm)

R.I.P Bikini Bottom. - Userguy44

10 Sandy rips Spongebob’s abrasive side (The Abrasive Size)

The Contenders

11 Squidward getting attacked by a sea bear multiple times (The Camping Episode)
12 Squidward getting a jellyfish net slammed through his tentacle (Jellyfishing)
13 Spongebob shatters his butt (I Had an Accident)
14 Squidward getting his head slammed on a mailbox (Squid Baby)
15 Sandy nearly drowns (Pressure)
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