Top 10 Most Painful Movies to Watch Fully


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1 Foodfight!

Oh god this is really painful to sit through - christangrant

I Swaer If That TLK Hater Adds The Lion King To The List I Will Throw A Zootopia And Frozen DVD At His Face - VideoGamefan5

2 Disaster Movie

I Want To Submit Suicide Squad, Lol - VideoGamefan5

3 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

If you can make it through this movie you deserve an award because this movie is pretty much unwatchable - christangrant

4 Freddy Got Fingered

The movie that gave me a migraine for a week - jack2244

Freddy Fingered His Own Ass - VideoGamefan5

5 Son of the Mask
6 The Last Airbender
7 Epic Movie
8 Battlefield Earth
9 Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House
10 Zootopia

It's okay, but the predator/prey friendship really bothers me. What if kids will believe that foxes and rabbits, cheetahs and gazelles, wolves and deer, and every other mammalian hunter and hunted pair are meant to be friends? It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.

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11 Frozen

Awful. Just awful.

12 Fred 3: Camp Fred

This is the worst of all 3 fred movies which all were horrible - christangrant

13 Dragonball: Evolution
14 Jack and Jill

This is probably the only Adam Sandler movie I hate - christangrant

15 Where the Dead Go to Die
16 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
17 The Room

Good luck sitting through this one. - mattstat716

18 Transformers: Age of Extinction
19 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
20 North

My celeb crush is in it! Which makes it double the cringe! And don't forget about Bruce Willis dressed like a bunny!

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1. The Last Airbender
2. Disaster Movie
3. Foodfight!
1. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
2. Foodfight!
3. Son of the Mask



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