Top Ten Most Painful Places to Fall Into

Find the most painful places to fall into. The longer and harder the pain inflicted, the better. May or may not be inspired by things I did in Happy Wheels or stuff I saw in other media.

The Top Ten

1 A corrosive acid pit

A lot of these are Mortal Kombat stage fatalities it seems. - Nonpointed

2 A searing lava pit
3 A laser grid

You'd be instantly dead so...

4 A punching glove that continuously punches your tender regions

"punches your tender regions"...
You could call this pit "The Meat Tenderizer! " - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

5 A vault of rotting human flesh

That's more disgusting than painful. - Pegasister12

6 A pool of piranhas
7 A fungus garden that when triggered, the fungi emits a deadly odor.
8 A trash compactor

That would hurt so much...

9 Through a block of ice into frigid waters
10 Pit full of Legos

They aren't too sharp, but then again, the rectangular edges are likely the more painful of the edges on Legos. It depends on HOW you step on them as well, assuming you're crazy enough to step on one! - NuMetalManiak

At least I could build my way out of the pit... - Pegasister12

The Contenders

11 A pit of slow-moving saw blades.

Slow moving blades are much more painful to fall into then faster ones, because you feel even more of it. - NuMetalManiak

12 A dry ice pit
13 Pit of spikes

There's No coming back from this one - christangrant

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