Most Painful Plants

Some plants look beautiful, but they can deliver pain and sometimes, some plants can even traumatize humans and other animals.

Some plants can cause extreme pain that cannot be imagined or described.

The Top Ten

1 Dendrocnide Excelsa
2 Gympie Gympie

It's a plant or small tree in Australia that, when touched, causes among the worst pain of your LIFE!

Like being burned by acid and electrocuted at the same time.

It has microscopic trichomes so small you can't pick them out even with tweezers, and they penetrate your skin.
Also, since they can't get out of your skin with normal home products, they'll keep on injecting venom until they empty, and they're made of silicon, which the body can't break down.

It is so painful that it will drive people, including you, to suicide, it's IMPOSSIBLE to imagine.

One time an officer used one of its leaves as toilet paper, and it was SO painful he killed himself the next second.

A reason nobody or I EVER want to go to Australia. - nelsonerica

Damn nature, you scary!

3 Dendrocnide Photinophylla
4 Dendrocnide Corallodesme
5 Dendrocnide Sinuata
6 Dendrocnide Cordata
7 Dendrocnide Peltata
8 Dendrocnide Meyeniana
9 Poison Ivy

Also known as the 3 leaf plant, it is a plant with a sap known as Urushiol, that causes painful itching and rashes especially for people who are allergic. - nelsonerica

I got this a lot and I got a whole arm covered in a rash caused by this plant should be extinct and I wish I lived in California where no poison ivy grows

Ouch! That would hurt! - BorisRule

10 Poison Oak

Like Poison IVY, it has a substance known as Urushiol, which causes painful itching and rashes especially for allergic people. - nelsonerica

The Contenders

11 Stinging Nettle

You find these in your backyard and they'll sting you, they're kind of painful and will give you rashes like poison ivy will.

12 Poison Sumac
13 Giant Hogweeds
14 Wild Parsnips
15 Cow Parsnips
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