Top Ten Most Painful and Realistic Things That Could Happen to You

Here's a list of the most painful things that could happen to you on a normal day.

The Top Ten

1 Running down the hallway and then stubbing your pinkie toe on a table

this is true pain the most painful non potentially lethal thing that could happen to you

If there is ONE thing guaranteed to raise my hackles it's this. I don't have to be running though, it just happens anywhere at anytime. I just never know when...!

I kicked a chair this way a record-breaking 3 feet. My toe turned bright purple.

I broke my toe doing this once.

2 Getting your toenail ripped off somehow

Yeah I don't think you can justify stubbing a toe being more painful than this. It's just awful to think about

One time, my fingernail got slammed into a door. It got bruises below the finger. By far one of my more painful experiences in life. - Turkeyasylum

Don't even want to think about it. - PianoQueen

Happened recently - bobbythebrony

3 Stepping on shattered glass

It actually doesn't hurt that bad. - PianoQueen

Oh the blood - bobbythebrony

4 Getting your index finger bent backwards too far
5 Breaking a rib

My dad once broke mine - bobbythebrony

6 Getting Windex in your eyes

This would most likely happen to Levi. - Pegasister12

Is this as bad as hot sauce? Because I've gotten that in my eye and it only hurt for a little bit. But then I got one of those eye pimple thingies that are annoying. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

7 Getting burned by a stove

I still have the scar from this.

8 Hitting your head on something hard


9 Cut by knife or scissors

I did this once...

10 Paper cut

I would constantly get random paper cuts out of nowhere!

I saw sombody get one of these

The Contenders

11 Dropping a knife on your foot

The blunt bit or the sharp. If the sharp, wow there are painful words for that :/ - BloodFang

I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally stabbed myself - bobbythebrony

12 Sitting on the couch when your dog jumps onto you and lands on your crotch

I remember when this happened except I was in bed and it was a cat - bobbythebrony

Almost all of these has happened to me, especially this one. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

That's what happens to me all the time.

This mainly applies to men - username34

13 Accidentally putting in headphones while something is at full blast

I get extremely startled when that happens. Not gonna lie. - PianoQueen

This happens to me often

14 Stepping on a lego

I was playing with the neighbor's kids and I stepped on a Lego, barefoot. It cut the bottom my foot a little bit and there was a small bloodstain on the wood floor. It's still there. - Pegasister12

My cousins would scatter legos everywhere so this happens to me 50% of the time :(

15 Firework accident

Well I remember this one time when I went to my grandma's house to light up some fireworks I didn't even like loud noises but I decided to give this a try. Big mistake this firework ended up flying towards me then the fireworks hit my leg luckily it wasn't the ones that explode but It hurt really bad. I was crying and screaming and I got some bandages but I never got near a firework again

16 Pushing too far into your ear with a q-tip

I did this today. It burns like Hades. - PetSounds

You should NEVER stick q-tips in your ears

Gotta get the wax out somehow - bobbythebrony

17 Eating Your Family


It says *realistic* things... - 3DG20

18 Closing a door on your toe or fingers

Fingers hurt. I don't think I've done it to my toes though. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

19 Getting your hair pulled

Happens to me

20 Giving birth
21 Falling down the hard stairs in school

it has happened to me before and it was down two flights of stairs I ended up breaking both my arms

22 Breathing pure chlorine

I don't think this would happen on a regular day. - PianoQueen

23 Scraped
24 Beating

Thrown/pushed against a concrete wall!

25 Police Brutality

That is abuse

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