Top Ten Most Painful Saw Traps to Die In

I determine how painful these traps are by looking at:
- What the trap does to the victim.
- How long it takes for the trap to kill the victim.

The Top Ten

1 The Rack - Saw 3

The most painful thing about the SAW franchise is watching it. - DapperPickle

Getting all your bones broken, slowly and painful.
And the person who is supposed to save you, is reluctant.

2 The Acid Needle Room - Saw 6
3 The Brazen Bull Oven - Saw 7

Getting roasted alive, slowly and painfully.

4 The Pendulum Trap - Saw 5

Slowly getting your body cut in half, and the only way to escape is to CRUSH your hands.
And this trap is inescapable.

5 The Scalping Seat - Saw 4

Slowly and painfully getting your hair and scalp ripped off.

6 The Glass Coffin - Saw 5

Imagine being squashed alive

You have to jump in a coffin filled with glass chards, and if you don't or if you throw someone else inside it, you get crushed between TWO WALLS.
Slowly and painful.

7 The Angel Trap - Saw 3

Having to grab a key out of a jar filled with acid to free yourself from an harness that rips your body apart if you don't do something.
And this trap is inescapable.

8 Pound Of Flesh - Saw 6

Having to cut off as many flesh as possible, and if your opponent sacrifices more flesh than you, you get two screws drilled into your brain.

9 The Classroom Trap - Saw 3

Having to rip CHAINS out of your body, and if you don't succeed, you get blown up by a bomb.
Oh, and just like the pendulum trap: this trap is inescapable.

10 The Horsepower Trap - Saw 7

Having to rip your back off to pull a lever.

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