Top Ten Most Painful Situations

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Death/Loved one's death

Dad died when I was only 7. I'm 15 now and still cry every once in a while about it.

Listening to Justin Bieber

my mom likes his new song called intentions and I am always telling her to change it!

Seems like everybody here hate Justin Bieber x-D

Period Cramps

Pre-diarrhea cramps are MUCH worse...

Ow! I'm right there with you on this one. Sometines it's so bad you think you're going to die! And it makes you feel so dirty and bad tempered. Really painful! - Britgirl

Why are we supposed to get period? I hate it

Periods are really stupid why do they even happen? - SammySpore

Being Pregnant
Going to Hell

In the Islamic sources it's the most painful thing ever

Thank God (literally) I'm never going there!

That would suck laugh out loud - MoldySock


Especially if you have high expectations Asian parents...

I've never made a big failure (e.G. exam failure), but it must be devastating. Felt really sorry for one of my friends who failed an exam once. It had such a big effect on his life. - PositronWildhawk

An Injury

If you are talking about getting kicked in the balls then injury is number 1 by so far!

Stomach Aches


When Your Favorite Cartoon Character Dies

In the old writers and animators perspective, Tom and Jerry are dead. Sure there are new cartoons now so to us they're not dead, but to the old writers and animators they are :( - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Just think of Terra... or Optimus Prime (in the 80's cartoon)... or any other dead character.

I agree


The Contenders

Watching Fanboy and Chum Chum
Being With Someone You Can't Have

Due to either past mistakes or intervening people... Sucks.

Picking Up Poop

it sucks

Cluster Headaches

Migraines are worse


You sick dude it is painful I have been spanked as a child

It feels nice

Having to Study
Being Robbed
Banging Your Head Against Windowsill

Why would you even do this in the first place?

Listening to Nicki Minaj

No, I'm a fan of her.

Getting Constipated at School

I had stomach cramps in 6th grade once. It was horrible.

Ugh it's so embarassing and painful it makes me want to cut open my body and grab all my crap and get rid of it but then I would end up killing myself. - AO1-H1KAR1

Getting Shingles

Frick I hated this.
Henlo flipanim users if your here you possibly know me uwu

Nuuu don't rremind me

Sprayed by a Skunk
Family Member's death

So true...when my father side grandmother passed a few years ago one of my older cousins was hysterical.


Molar Removing

My worst nightmare in future - toshdeluxe

@toshdeluxe: Are you talking about getting wisdom teeth taken out? If yes, I feel for you. I may need mine out in the future as well. And I'm a bit nervous about it!

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