Top Ten Painful Types of Piercings

Piercings will hurt to an extent.
But some piercings can cross the line and make the experience so painful!
Here are the piercings to avoid if you cannot handle pain very well....
The Top Ten
1 Genital Piercings

The genitalia area is the most sensitive part of our body. When a needle is pushed through it obviously it will hurt- and a lot too!

Why would anyone do that? I saw a guy remove his scrotum piercing at the airport. All I thought was "ouch! "

2 Industrial Piercing

This is when a large bar gets put through your helix and forward helix. Many reported that the pain was a 9/10 and it was unbareable!
Since you have to get two holes pierced at once, and two very painful places too!

3 Nipple Piercings

The nipple is a very thick piece of skin to pierce through. You will probably find it very, VERY PAINFUL and sore.

4 Snug Piercing

It's hard to explain, just search it up.
See the awkward location? Looks painful right?
Oh trust me, it's one of the most painful piercings you could get.

Hurt for days. Constantly on panadol and neuofen for days post peircing. Very odd and irritable piercing. But don't get it if you can't take a mid scale piercing!

5 Belly Piercing

Belly button piercings contain a thick piece of flesh being pushed through with a hollow needle! Yikes!
It is even more painful if you pierce it with a flat belly, since there is muscle there!

6 Anti-Tragus

It's like a tragus piercing but it's placed just above your earlobe (that cartridge bit of skin)
Pinch that. See how painful it is already?
Imagine a large needle being pushed through

7 Lip Piercing

Specifically a medusa or a vertical labret piercing. Again you are being pierced through thick skin, so obviously it is going to hurt!

Mine didn't hurt at all

8 Septum Piercing

Why a septum piercing? Well, this is because if you get it incorrectly or crookedly pierced, it could HURT!
You need to get it done through the sweet spot (fleshy bit of your septum)

Eh, I don't like septum piercings anyway, you'll look like a bull.

9 Tongue Piercings

Many do say that it hurts because of the thickness of the tongue! You are piercing through a muscle!
Plus you only have to eat soup for like two weeks...

10 Nose Piercing

Many do find that when pierced with a needle, the nose piercing does hurt quite a lot!

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