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21 Getting slowly stabbed by butter knife

Change "butter" to "butcher" and that would sound more painful. - Powerfulgirl10

You've gotta be pretty weak to die from that - Songsta41

22 Suffocated
23 Scalped
24 Snapped neck

Breaking your neck would be just brutal. - Powerfulgirl10

25 Ripped in half by an elevator

The thought of it makes me want to cringe. The way your body slowly rips apart until there is just a bloody half of you left. Disgusting, but I'd feel bad for them. - IAmNotARobot

This is actually impossible, you are too young for this website son - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

26 Melted with sulfuric acid
27 Roasted in fire
28 Crushed to death
29 Flesh eating disease

Thank you for introducing something much wore than anything on this list - Bubbyboop

30 Disease V 1 Comment
31 Giving birth

If someone dies from this, then I don't even know what to say. - Powerfulgirl10

32 Face ripped off
33 Falling to lava
34 Having your organs be ripped out while alive
35 Buried alive
36 Evisceration

Cutting out your entire inside - jack2244

37 Hanged

Depending on how u do it, it can actually be almost painless.

38 Heart attack
39 Hanged, drawn and quartered

During medieval times, the penalty for high treason in England was to be hanged, drawn and quartered in public and though it was abolished in 1814, it has been responsible for the death of thousands of people. In this torture technique, the victim is dragged in a wooden frame called a hurdle to the place of execution. They would then be hanged by the neck for a short period of time until they are near-death (hanged), followed by disembowelment and castration where the entrails and genitalia are burned in front of the victim (drawn). The victim would then be divided into four separate parts and beheaded (quartered). - Bubbyboop

40 The tub

Known as the punishment of ‘sitting in the tub,’ the convicted person would be placed in a wooden tub with only their head sticking out. After that, the executioner would paint their faces with milk and honey; and soon, flies would begin to feed on them. The victim was also fed regularly and would end up swimming in their excrement. After a few days, maggots and worms would devour their body as they decayed alive. - Bubbyboop

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