Most Painfully Heavy Death Metal Songs

Sometimes these songs can be so heavy it hurts! BUT WE LIKE IT THAT WAY!

The Top Ten

1 F**k Your God - Deicide

So heavy, Guantanamo Bay used it for torture, not even kidding! - Mikbiter15

2 Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation

I think this song is solely there for the shock and torture - styLIShT

Don't you think it's pretty soft and melodic at times? - Metal_Treasure

3 An Edifice of Archbestial Impurity - Disentomb
4 Dechristianize - Vital Remains
5 Soil the Stillborn - Infant Annihilator
6 Pandemonic Hyperblast - Anaal Nathrakh

So damn heavy that I have to use headphones to compress the sound, and even then, I have to keep said headphones away from my ears. Yeah, I'm gonna say this is the music equivalent to a black hole :P. - CrimsonShark

Seems Guantanamo Bay haven't heard of this one yet, and some Cryptopsy songs
;-) - Metal_Treasure

7 Slaves Shall Serve - Behemoth
8 Crown of Horns - Cryptopsy

Just play the sample, you'll get an idea... - Metal_Treasure

Dude, I know - Mikbiter15

9 Spill the Dirty Blood of Jesus - Infernal War

This is heavy as hell - Metal_Treasure

10 Reek of Putrefaction - Carcass

The Contenders

11 Two Pound Torch - Cryptopsy
12 Vultures Descend - Disentomb
13 A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat - Cattle Decapitation

Every Cattle Song sounds like you got hit by a heavy ass train! - Mikbiter15

14 Slit Your Guts - Cryptopsy
15 Earthly Love - Gorguts
16 All Our Fans Are Gay - Anal Cunt
17 Obscura - Gorguts
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1. Pandemonic Hyperblast - Anaal Nathrakh
2. Crown of Horns - Cryptopsy
3. Spill the Dirty Blood of Jesus - Infernal War
1. F**k Your God - Deicide
2. Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation
3. Dechristianize - Vital Remains


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