Top Ten Pairs of Animals that Look Similar

Some animals can look very similar to another different species. Some of them look like other animals to defend itself, like a harmless scarlet kingsnake that looks like a venomous coral snake (the predator will think that the kingsnake is a dangerous coral snake, so the predator will stay away).
The Top Ten
1 Scarlet Kingsnake and Coral Snake

"Red touch yellow-- kill a fellow. Red touch black-- you're okay, Jack."

Red against yellow…dangerous fellow. The Coral snake is one of the most venomous snakes in North America.

2 Seal and Sea Lion
3 Crocodile and Alligator
4 Frog and Toad
5 Rabbit and Hare
6 Butterfly and Moth
7 Cheetah and Leopard

Leopards are also larger.

8 Wasp and Bee

I hate wasps. Bees are cool though. They pollinate flowers, make honey, and they're cute.

9 Alpaca and Llama
10 Dolphin and Porpoise
The Contenders
11 Turtle and Tortoise

Differences: Tortoises have heavier shells - clusium

Differences: Tortoise has legs turtle has flippers
Tortoise shell heavier
Tortoise is in more stories than turtle

12 Crocodiles and Gharials
13 Colossal Squid and Giant Squid
14 Gorilla and Orangutan
15 Alligators and Gharials
16 Sheep and goat

They are quite identical but there are different things about them

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