Top 10 Pairs of Tanks that Appear Frequently Together in Wii Play Tanks

There are a lot of repetitions of 2 or more different kind of tanks appearing in the same level throughout the game. Some "pairs of tanks" appear more often than others. Here's the list of tanks that you see most frequently together.All kinds of tanks make appearances with other tanks. But some occurrences are more frequent than others. Read on to see which ones are most frequent. Many of the later missions will have multiple tanks mashed together, but, these items will have specific pairs taken out of the whole.

The Top Ten

1 Light Green Tank and Purple Tanks

Light Green Tanks and Purple Tanks first make an appearance together in Mission 16, where it solely consists of those 2 types(there are 2 light greens and 3 purples in the level). Then, in level 18, it makes another appearance(with 2 other types of tanks). They also do appear frequently together in later levels. Since purple is a rapid fire tank and light greens make frequent appearances with rapid fire tanks, do expect to see a lot of these pairs together. - FlareLightX

2 Light Green Tank and Red Tanks

Light Green Tanks and Red Tanks first appear with each other in Mission 12(where there are 2 reds and 2 light greens), and they also appear in Mission 14(where there are 3 reds and 3 light greens. They're also in Mission 18( with dark green tanks and purple tanks). Since these are rapid-fire, they are very likely to appear with light green tanks. - FlareLightX

3 Light Green Tanks and White Tanks

Light Green Tanks and White Tanks do sometimes first appear in Mission 30(where there are 2 whites, 2 purples and 1 light green), but usually, they will be bound appear together in the 20's levels. They also will appear together in Mission 70(where there are 3 blacks, 2 whites and 1 light) and the Final Mission(4 blacks, 2 light browns, 1 white, and 1 light green.) - FlareLightX

4 Light Green Tanks and Black Tanks

They will very frequently appear together in many of the last half of the Wii Play Tanks game. They may appear together in the 50's levels, but sometimes you will see them first appearing in level 60 with 2 blacks, 1 white and 1 light green. In level 70, they'll also appear with 3 black tanks, 2 white tanks and 1 light green tank. They'll also appear in the Final Mission(4 blacks, 2 light browns, 1 white, and 1 light green.). They're bound to appear together in levels between the specified ones(except for level 50 since that's the first appearance of the black tanks alone). - FlareLightX

5 Red Tanks and Purple Tanks

They will also appear very frequently together and they are both rapid fire tanks. They first appear together in Mission 18(2 purple, 1 red, 1 light green and 2 dark green). They will likely appear together quite frequently in later levels as well. - FlareLightX

6 White Tanks and Purple Tanks

White and purple tanks will appear together quite a lot in the later levels. Unless white and purple appear in the 20's level, you'll see them first appear together in Mission 30 with 1 light green tank, 2 purples and 2 whites. They'll also always appear together in Mission 40 with 1 light green, 2 whites, 1 purple and 2 yellows. Of course, they're likely to appear together in most other levels too. - FlareLightX

7 White Tanks and Black Tanks

White tanks and black tanks can possible first appear in Mission 60(with 1 light green, 1 white, and 2 blacks), but they'll likely appear in the Missions between 50 and 60. They'll also appear in Mission 70(with 1 light green, 2 white, 3 purple), Mission 80(with 2 yellows, 2 whites, and 2 blacks), and the Final Mission(1 light green, 4 light greens, 1 white and 2 light browns). They will likely appear together in other levels after Mission 50. - FlareLightX

8 Yellow Tanks and Dark Green Tanks

Yellow tanks and dark green tanks first appear together in Mission 8(where there are 3 yellows and 2 dark greens), and will appear together again in Mission 13(where there are 3 yellows and 3 dark greens). - FlareLightX

9 Dark Brown Tanks and Dark Green Tanks

Dark brown tanks and dark green tanks will first appear together in Mission 6(where there are 2 dark browns and 2 dark greens) and again in Mission 11(where there are 2 dark browns, 2 dark greens and 2 reds). They will most likely appear together in higher levels as well. - FlareLightX

10 Red Tanks and White Tanks

There is no fixed level for when they'll first appear together, but, they can first appear in level 21 and will appear quite frequently together. - FlareLightX

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