Top 10 Pairs of Tanks That are Similar to Each Other in Wii Play Tanks

No types of tanks in Wii Play Tanks are exactly the same as one another. However, many tanks do have similarities with one another and do have a way of matching. Here are some below.

The Top Ten

1 Red and Purple (Rapid Fire)

Both red and purple tanks rapid fire at the tank, and sometimes use a prong stategy(although purple ones are far more effective on using this than the red ones). Light green tanks are also seen very frequently with one of both of these tanks throughout the game. The difference, however, is that unlike purple tanks, red tanks don't rapidly move and they don't drop mines. - FlareLightX

2 Yellow and Purple (Mine Dropping and Speed)

Both yellow and purple tanks lay mines(and sometimes trap themselves, though the purple tanks are not as mine laying as yellow tanks. They also move really fast. The difference, however, is that unlike purple tanks, yellow tanks rarely fire bullets. - FlareLightX

3 Dark Green and Light Green (Fast Bullets and Aim)

Both dark green and light green tanks fire fast bullets. Dark green tanks usually aim directly at the player's current location and light green tanks also aim at the location using a double angle bounce. The difference however, is that dark green tanks' bullets disappear as soon as they hit a wall, but light green tanks' bullets bounce off the wall twice and then directly hit the player. - FlareLightX

4 Light Brown and Light Green (Stationary)

Light brown and light green tanks are very different when coming to firing. But there's one thing similar about them: they're both stationary. They're the only stationary tanks in the game. - FlareLightX

5 Dark Brown and Light Brown (Weakness)

Both dark brown tanks and light brown tanks are very weak tanks and are easy to take out. They only fire 1 bouncy bullet at a time and are the easiest to blow up using mines. The difference, though, is that dark browns are mobile, but light browns are stationary. - FlareLightX

6 Dark Green and Black (Fast Bullets)

Both Dark Green Tanks and Black Tanks fire the fast bullet that only goes once. They also first appear in same block formatting(Mission 5 format). The difference, however, is that dark green tanks only fire once while black tanks fire multiple times and the black tanks move much faster than the dark greens. - FlareLightX

7 Black and White (Rapid Fire)

Both blacks and white tanks are similar for their rapid firing. They rapid fire and are really deadly tanks(though sometimes, they aren't as deadly as the light green tanks). The difference, though, is that the black tank fires fast bullets while the white tank fires regular bullets. - FlareLightX

8 Purple and Black (Rapid Fire and Speed)

Both purples and blacks fire rapidly and move fast. They are both targeting towards player and do both lay mines. The difference between them, though, is that the purple tank rapid fires regular bullets but black rapid fires fast bullets. - FlareLightX

9 Dark Brown and Dark Green (Movement and Frequency of Fire)

Both dark browns and dark greens only fire 1 bullet at a time. The tanks also move at the same regular speed. The difference, of course, is the fact that dark browns shoot the regular bullet while dark greens shoot fast bullets. - FlareLightX

10 Light Green and Black (Fast Firing and Deadliness)

Both light greens and blacks fire fast bullets. They are also pretty deadly and can make a level significantly harder due to their immense firing abilities. They're much worse than reds, purples, or whites and killing these ones can significantly make a level easier. The difference, of course is that the light green tanks are stationary and their bullets bounce off the wall twice and the black tanks are fast and their bullets disappear after hitting a block or wall. - FlareLightX

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