Top Ten Pairs of TopTenners Who Could Be Friends Should They Meet

The Top Ten Pairs of TopTenners Who Could Be Friends Should They Meet

1 Britgirl and Keyson

There is a difference between friends and having a relationship. - Userguy44

Maybe they could be a little more than friends, but they have to be friends first, right? - Turkeyasylum

They'd hit it off pretty quick - Curti2594

I am glad this is on here. - SubliminalMessages

2 MissBritain and Britgirl

Both are British girls, and their usernames point that out. - Turkeyasylum

3 PositronWildhawk & Britgirl

We became good friends very quickly when we first met on TTT a year and a half ago. - PositronWildhawk

4 SevenLizards and Itz_Izzy

Both of them really like Pokèmon and I could picture them being friends. - Turkeyasylum

5 nintendofan126 and CartoonsGirl

I would love to meet Cartoonsgirl! - nintendofan126


Both of them admire a user a little too much... - Turkeyasylum

7 Letdot52 and username34

We would be awesome friends if we met. And our religions are only slightly different. Plus, he doesn't mind hearing me talk about God :) Cool. - letdot52

Despite having different religions, they are friends on this site, and could be in real life, too. - Turkeyasylum

Whoever added this is is right - username34

8 AnonymousChick and Angelofdarkness

I guess we would be friends (I didn't guess I would be on here) - AnonymousChick

9 Nintendofan126 and EpicJake

Me and EpicJake are good friends. - nintendofan126

10 Alexandr and MatrixGuy

They have the most lists on this site. - Turkeyasylum

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? Limeyy and FlareLightX

The Contenders

11 PositronWildhawk & Kiteretsunu
12 SevenLizards & JaysTop10List
13 Simpsondude and Puga
14 Britgirl and Britboy

Britboy is actually quite sweet. I like him; he seems nice. - Wolftail

I don't see why we wouldn't get on. He's really rather sweet! - Britgirl

Britboy. I know you added this - Mumbizz01

15 OhioStateBuckeyes and Turkeyasylun

We both like Ohio State! - Turkeyasylum

16 happyhappyjoyjoy and PetSounds

We're already pretty close friends, despite not having met face to face. - PetSounds

17 RiverClanRocks and SevenLizards

We're already friends on the site so why not in real life too? I know the probability of SevenLizards and I meeting is very slim but if we were to meet each other we would be good friends. I know he retired now but it still counts. - RiverClanRocks

18 Wolftail and SevenLizards

Yeah! I would love this to happen! - Wolftail

19 Userguy44 and Ananya

I hope people most realise that this list is about friendships and not relationships. In this case, friendship could work. - Userguy44

20 Camaro6 and Userguy44

Yes she’s very nice and we both like Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons. - Userguy44

21 Belieber and SammMinajj

Both seem to get bashed for liking a certain music artist. - Turkeyasylum

22 CityGuru & Kiteretsunu
23 HezarioSeth and Wolftail
24 Puga and Andre56

Honestly I could see them being friends in real life besides hating each other online. They both have rather similar interests - Nonpointed

Who added this? They just simply can't stand each other! - Fan_of_Good_Music

25 Egnomac and Subhashahu

They both like WWE. - Turkeyasylum

26 Puga and PetSounds

This is where I come out of the closet and admit my dislike of pugs, chihuahuas, shih tzus, and most small dogs.

Actually, I've never messaged him, so I have no idea if we'd get along. - PetSounds

27 PetSounds and Beatlesboy9

I'd love to hang out with this guy for an afternoon and just talk about music. - PetSounds

Don't they both like the Beatles? - SubliminalMessages

28 LoboMaloso & Britgirl
29 Britgirl and Britgirlisstupid

Be friends when they meet? That is not going to work out - PatrickStar

How is this going to work out? - nintendofan126

30 Htoutlaws2012 and xandermartin98
31 Breadwinnersislofe and caillou_is_awesome


32 Britgirl and Curti2594
33 Keyson and Britboy

No no no! They'd be fighting over Britgirl - AnonymousChick

34 DK and Egnomac
35 DK and Subhashsahu
36 Turkeyasylum and Alexcousins
37 DK and RickyReeves
38 PizzaGuy and RiverClanRocks

We both like Cilan! - PizzaGuy

39 PositronWildhawk and xandermartin98
40 Xandermartin98 and Nintendofan126
41 Castlevaniafanboy128 and Xandermartin98
42 TwilightKitsune and Skullkid755

This would be awesome! - TwilightKitsune

43 Britgirl and Jonerman
44 Kevinsidis and Positronwildhawk
45 NightmareCinema and TheFourthWorld
46 TwilightKitsune and TheTMNTFan
47 Lpsgirl and TheTMNTFan
48 Camaro6 and Britgirl
49 Squidward48 and Userguy44

We would have a blast! - Userguy44

50 Camaro6 and TheDarkOne_221b
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