Top Ten Pairs of TopTenners Who Could Be Friends Should They Meet

The Top Ten

Britgirl and Keyson

There is a difference between friends and having a relationship. - Userguy44

Maybe they could be a little more than friends, but they have to be friends first, right? - Turkeyasylum

They'd hit it off pretty quick - Curti2594

I am glad this is on here. - SubliminalMessages

MissBritain and Britgirl

Both are British girls, and their usernames point that out. - Turkeyasylum

PositronWildhawk & Britgirl

We became good friends very quickly when we first met on TTT a year and a half ago. - PositronWildhawk

SevenLizards and Itz_Izzy

Both of them really like Pokèmon and I could picture them being friends. - Turkeyasylum

nintendofan126 and CartoonsGirl

I would love to meet Cartoonsgirl! - nintendofan126


Both of them admire a user a little too much... - Turkeyasylum

Letdot52 and username34

We would be awesome friends if we met. And our religions are only slightly different. Plus, he doesn't mind hearing me talk about God :) Cool. - letdot52

Despite having different religions, they are friends on this site, and could be in real life, too. - Turkeyasylum

Whoever added this is is right - username34

AnonymousChick and Angelofdarkness

I guess we would be friends (I didn't guess I would be on here) - AnonymousChick

Nintendofan126 and EpicJake

Me and EpicJake are good friends. - nintendofan126

Alexandr and MatrixGuy

They have the most lists on this site. - Turkeyasylum

The Contenders

PositronWildhawk & Kiteretsunu
SevenLizards & JaysTop10List
Simpsondude and Puga
Britgirl and Britboy

Britboy is actually quite sweet. I like him; he seems nice. - Wolftail

I don't see why we wouldn't get on. He's really rather sweet! - Britgirl

Britboy. I know you added this - Mumbizz01

OhioStateBuckeyes and Turkeyasylun

We both like Ohio State! - Turkeyasylum

happyhappyjoyjoy and PetSounds

We're already pretty close friends, despite not having met face to face. - PetSounds

RiverClanRocks and SevenLizards

We're already friends on the site so why not in real life too? I know the probability of SevenLizards and I meeting is very slim but if we were to meet each other we would be good friends. I know he retired now but it still counts. - RiverClanRocks

Wolftail and SevenLizards

Yeah! I would love this to happen! - Wolftail

Userguy44 and Ananya

I hope people most realise that this list is about friendships and not relationships. In this case, friendship could work. - Userguy44

Camaro6 and Userguy44

Yes she’s very nice and we both like Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons. - Userguy44

Belieber and SammMinajj

Both seem to get bashed for liking a certain music artist. - Turkeyasylum

CityGuru & Kiteretsunu
HezarioSeth and Wolftail
Puga and Andre56

Honestly I could see them being friends in real life besides hating each other online. They both have rather similar interests - Nonpointed

Who added this? They just simply can't stand each other! - Fan_of_Good_Music

Egnomac and Subhashahu

They both like WWE. - Turkeyasylum

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