Top 10 Pairs of Words People Get Confused With

The Top Ten
1 As and Like
2 Straight and Strait

This is one that really sets me on edge. It isn't hard, dagnabbit. - PositronWildhawk

3 Assent and Ascent
4 Taut and Taught
5 Supposedly and Supposably
6 Ascetic and Aescetic
7 There and Their
8 They're and There

People confuse these all the time!

9 Their and They're
10 Your and You're
The Contenders
11 To and Too
12 Affect and Effect
13 Principle and Principal
14 Brought and Bought
15 Climactic and Climatic
16 Meter and Metre
17 Immigration and Emigration
18 Accept and Except
19 Wreath and Wreathe
20 Penis and Pianist
21 Specific and Pacific

True story. Whilst having dinner one evening (with guests, I have to add), my brother stood up from the table and announced to a stunned audience that he was going to the toilet "pacifically for a s***" I corrected him on his grammar saying that the word is "specifically" not "pacifically" he shrugged and told me that he had in fact used the proper word. "A s*** is a drop in the ocean, ain't it? " Everyone around the table (including myself) erupted with laughter.

22 Stationary and Stationery
23 Controversial and Contraception

Oh dear, this one's controversial in itself... - Rocko

24 Astronomy and Astrology
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