Top Ten Pakistani Actors and Actresses

It is the list of Pakistan's top actors & actresses. So vote for your best!

The Top Ten

1 Fawad Khan

Dashing, Well known, and best Actor of Pakistan.

He is so handsome and he also acts well

The biggest star in Pakistan iconic Fawad khan

Fawad khan is a brand personality

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2 Ehsan Khan

Pakistan's 2nd most liked actor.

Most underrated
His acting in udaari was a delight to watch

3 Saba Qamar

A good actress having all the abilities.

By far,the most natural actress with mind blowing expressions and amazing choice of roles!

4 Faisal Qureshi

A well known actor.

5 Aiza Khan

Aiza khan is a very talented and pretty actor. She is sweet like a candy.

She is best & most beautiful actress in Pakistan.

Ayeza is best cute, beautiful and talented

6 Humaima Malik

Pakistan's one of best actresses.

7 Mahira Khan

Bold, Beautiful, and talented.

8 Mahnoor Baloch

Sweetest of all pakistani actors

9 Danish Taimoor
10 Ayesha Omer

She is a good actress and well known especially for her role of "Khubsurat".

The Contenders

11 Humayun Saeed

He is best Pakistani actor ever

12 Sami Khan

A perfect package he is!

Why do us Pakistanis gawk over Indian actors when we have people like Sami to appreciate in our own country?

13 Mehwish Hayat Khan

A good and beautiful actress.

14 Sajal Ali
15 Imran Abbas

I love imran abbas

16 Hina Dilpazeer

A Famous and liked actress especially for her roles of "Momo" and "Rooh Afzah".

Pakistani actors are so so versatile. From her comedic role in Bulbulay to her villainous role in Baandi, Hina always impresses us.

17 Mawra Hocane
18 Atif Aslam Atif Aslam Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.
19 Noman Ijaz

Mera Saain, Hello... Malangi, Hellooo... Jackson heights, Hellooo... Aansoo, Hello janab, He is the best.

20 Sanam Saeed
21 Sumbul Iqbal Sumbul Iqbal Sumbul Iqbal is a Pakistani actress and model. Sumbul is currently being seen in television serials at different TV channels.
22 Ali Zafar
23 Aijaz Aslam

A good and versatile actor.

24 Sanam Jung
25 Sarwat Gillani

She is so cute and
Acts well - musi

26 Junaid Nadeem
27 Hina Altaf
28 Gohar Rasheed
29 Farhan Saeed
30 Mohib Mirza
31 Tipu Sharif
32 Imran Ashraf
33 Sana Javed
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1. Fawad Khan
2. Ehsan Khan
3. Mehwish Hayat Khan
1. Aiza Khan
2. Saba Qamar
3. Danish Taimoor
1. Ehsan Khan
2. Fawad Khan
3. Humaima Malik


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