Best Pakistani Dramas

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1 Dastaan
2 Humsafar

A very good drama

A very beautiful play couple with lot of heart touching moments.

Best series ever watch

This drama is awesome

3 Meri zaat zara e benishan
4 Daam
5 Aunn zara

Perfect cast

Nice and funy drama

Very funny drama of osman khalid butt and maya ali. I really enjoy this drama. And like the dialoges of aunn dadi maa

6 Zindagi gulzar hai

This was the first Pakistani drama I ever watched- and it is THE BEST! Nothing else even comes close!

There is no two opinion Zindagi Gulzar hai,

7 Man o salwa
8 Uraan

One of best dramas by Umera ahmed
Keep up the good work!
... 111111
Kankar is going very well too!

9 Dur e shahwar
10 Yaqeen Ka Safar

The development of the characters in this drama was very good commend all of the cast for their work

The Contenders

11 Pyarey Afzal

This drama has taken the whole country by storm. Literally. Amazing storyline, loveable characters, witty dialogues and... Afzal. Afzal. Afzal. Hamza ALi Abbasi has stolen millions of hearts playing the tragic hero...

Amazing dialogues and acting

12 Bilqees Kaur
13 Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley

Alishba was so good

14 Shehr E Zaat

I really like this drama

15 Alpha Bravo Charlie

This one deserves top position... It sure does... What's wrong with the jury here? Watch it n I bet you cannot like anything more than this on T.V.

16 Feriha
17 Dil E Muztar
18 Mata E Jaan Hai Tu
19 Mera Naam Yousuf Hai

Very heart touching play

Another masterpiece by Khalil your Rehman Qamar.

20 Dayar E Dil

This is a lovely drama. Beautifully portrays certain relationships and feelings. I watch every episode multiple times...

The best drama I have ever watched. Beautifully narrated story of a broken family.

21 Ghairat

How amazing was Syed Gibran and Iqra Aziz?! Hats off to the entire cast, Such brilliant acting and so real I just love that about Pakistani dramas

22 Dumpukht
23 Khaani

Khaani most viewed wach

Best drama with perfect cast and soundtrack. Watch this drama winning all the awards this year. And of course hats off to feroze khan's acting.

24 Suno Chanda
25 Mann Mayal
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