Best Pakistani Experimental Musicians

Pakistani music made it's root in past but now the music scene is getting more precious and growing widely by some talented and creative minds. This list is consist of some best experimental music acts of Pakistani music industry.

The Top Ten

1 Osama Qureshi

Osama Qureshi is the best experimental act in Pakistan today, His music is far different then any other usual composition styles and mostly based on his personnel life experiences. - PakBoy

2 Shajie

A side project of band Sikandar Ka Mandir! Perfect example of experimental music with the blend of rock genre. - PakBoy

3 Natasha Humera Ejaz

Winner of "Best College Act" at the VIMA Music Awards 2011, Natasha Ejaz is a singer-songwriter from Islamabad, Pakistan. Her music is quirky and intimate, essentially inspired by her experiences in life and her love for telling stories. - PakBoy

4 //orangenoise

Their music would make you feel cool. - PakBoy

5 Poor Rich Boy
6 Ali Suhail

Young talented musician, you can feel enthusiasm in his songs, he can be counted in this list because of his wide range in indie music with lots of experiments he did. - PakBoy

7 Syed Waleed Ahmed

If you ask who is he? The answer is so simple; A creative musician of Pakistani underground music scene right now. - PakBoy

8 Alien Panda Jury

Soundscapes, beats and stuff. Alien Panda Jury is this experimental music thing by some Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey guy. True representative of experimental music in Pakistan. - PakBoy

9 Aliya Chinoy

Be aware, Her voice can melt your heart just in minutes. - PakBoy

10 Zia Zaidi

Experimentalist of rock music. - PakBoy

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