Top 10 Pakistani Hacker Teams

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1 Pakistani Haxors Crew - PHC

Me b hacker bana chahta ho
Please help me

It is also best

Still on 1st Love Pakistan Haxors Crew

You just can't match with PHC its always exceeding the expectations! LONG LIVE PHC

2 MaDLeeTs

A great team with many formidable hackers and coders

Madleets best hacking team ever.

Always love MaDLeeTs

Best team ever..

3 Pak Cyber Lions

Pak cyber lions is the best

Pak cyber lions is good team

Love you Pak Cyber

I love Pak Cyber Lions
Pak Cyber Lions is a Great Team

4 Pak Cyber Experts - PCE

Hm Good. HUNTER GUJJAR is best hacker of this team

Plx help me to save my marriage plx hack a account for me I m from Indian occupied Kashmir

Hunter Gujjar is not a member Of Team Pak Cyber Experts. He is the admin Of Pak Cyber Attackers & Muhammad Bilal is the Owner of Pakistan Cyber Experts
Pak Cyber Experts is number 1 in Pak <3 :*
h4x0rR Logout

5 Pak Cyber Eaglez

How if any one want to join your group

Hallo I need hacker

Proude to be a Pakistan


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6 Pak Cyber Attackers

Its best ever Anti hackers team, they are here to secure Pakistan Cyber Space and there Mission is to Stand Against Those Who Stand Against Pakistan & Islam

I want to hacking any credit or debit card how please

A team we call them real hackers

Best ever work they are doing

7 Kashmir Cyber Army - KCA

One of the best patriotic team I have ever seen I am the part of it with codename KnOwn MAn...

The most passionate team

I know you are the best, please revenge Indian hackers

I think they are all good but unpredictable romeo is awesome

8 Team Cyber Switch

One of the oldest and patriotic team in Pak Cyber Space

All the time Best Team

This team have great hackers

Good Hackers Team

9 Blazing Hackers Pakistan - BHP

New age hackers team

I also want to join young hackers team, for my country... !
Kindly give me one chance and add me in your team, please. I will be very thankful to you

Have a good time in the world

Need your urgent help

10 Team MaXiMiZerS - TMP

Rude you r awesome I love you muah muah muah

The Contenders

11 Cyber TeamRox

Always Love Cyber TeamRox

One of the best and friendly crew and best tools ever.

This is solid team!

Best team ever

12 PakXploiters

Best Pakistani Team

13 Team Pak Cyber Skullz

I Think They're Unbeatable

Google them! You'll find much more about them

I know you are best team ever because They revegne from indians hackers

Csan I join you sir?

14 Pak Hunters

Why you hacked my server my 327 websites are destroyed by you


Pak Hunters Pakistani Lions

The Real Pakistani Lovers

Pakistani Lovers

15 Pak Cyber Pyrates

You guys are unstoppable!


Big team...

One of the best hacker from Pakistan. Literally nailed down Indian servers, railways also stock exchange.

16 Pak Cyber ThunderS

All the Monster's in Pak Cyber ThunderS but Pak Monster is the Real Monster

Pakistan's Top Active Hacktivist team now!

PakCyberThunders Is The Best Pakistani Hacking Team

best team

17 Pak Cyber Crew

Best team Ever With Best Hackers

The most passionate team

I like pak cyber crews...

I love pak cyber crews...

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18 Pakistan Cyber Tigers

Well done sir keep it up

One BEst Hacker Sh3zu 1337 Since hacking from childhood

good work

Memories <3 :'( - Arslan1337

19 Team Risky Hackers

I want to be part of Team Risky Hackers

The Best Team on the Internet

Best Team And Helpers - Hamna

Great hackers team

20 Pakistan Cyber Ghosts

My Team My Family

Great Team - Dedicated Hackers.Defaced 2.2K sites on 15 Aug. Which was more than any other team on that day.


21 Hacking Master

I can't share anything with you without happiness.

22 Dj Ali 1337
23 BadLeets

Great hacking team love for badleet

WE ARE: <3 BadLeets <3
We will never forget,
We will never forgive.
We Are Fearless.
Don't try to be smart with us.
Don't try to threaten us.
Don't try to play with us.
Don't try to abuse us.
Next time becarefull!
3:) Game Is Not Over 3:)
B| If you are bad then BadLeets are your dad. B|

24 Toxic Boys Team

THis Team is awesome Team. NIce Work with Team

Plese help me for clash of clan hacker on Pakistan 03236924833

Nice team.. have shared lot knowledge.. on their blog

25 The Revengers

2 hacker group work with together

26 Death Adders Crew

No need introduction just google us.

27 Anonymous Pakistan
28 HackErs third eye kashmir

Best hackers team
Hacks more than 500 hundred websites

29 Netis Hackers HeLL

Owner:- Muhammad Ali ( Netis )
Owner:- Adnan Ali ( empty )

30 Teamleets

Yes it's best team

Teamleets Best Hacking Team in Pakistan Malik_X

Yes it's best team in pakistan

31 One Man Army

Great team with a full of passion

32 Pak Cyber Squad

" Pak Cyber Squad
We're Squad Of Freedom
We're Squad Of Right
We're Squad Of Islam
We're Squad Of Pakistan

34 PakLeets
35 IUK Danger Hacker

You are good

Here is the boy who hacked into more than 400 websites of the world. These websites include Google, Microsoft, Facebook, twitter etc. The 19 year old Sananwan born hacker, IUK Danger Hacker is a blessing for many tech companies. Meet Pakistani Boy Who Hacked Google, Microsoft, Facebook & Snapchat.
Now this Pakistani renowned Hacker give seminars on improving world’s security. In 2012, IUK Danger was ranked number one hacker on Hackerone. However he transformed his hacking in a very good cause as he decided to to improve cyber security of the world - IUK

36 Dark Hunters Crew DHC


37 Pak Cyber Hacker

Pakistan Zindabad

38 Team Pirate Pakistan - TPP

One of the best teams in Pakistan

Any Facebook hacker here please help me I voted for your team

Team Pirate Is the best Pakistani Hackers Team. It have legendary hackers in it

Best team in Pakistan team pirates Pakistan

39 CraXer Cyber Hackers - CCH

Also A good one

Awosem HAcker love you

40 The Unknowns
41 Trojan Boy

Faizan Akhtar

42 Tabraiz Haxor
43 [A]lex@nder [P]r!v@te [$]h@rk

I Am a Hacker But I don't Want To Be A Criminal

44 Blizzard Gang

Anything in Cok world is possible.

45 Binary Squad

Highly lethal hacking team from top hackers from Pakistan.Works only for Pakistan cyber defense.

46 Pangay Baaz Cobra

The Oldest Hackers Gang Of Facebook.
Multi Hackers Gang

47 BD Grey Hat Hackers
48 CyberWing

Best of the best
New organization on high level
Young hackers
Advance researchers
Multi talented

49 GreenHax - The Green Army

One of them who attack on NASA and other lead organization.
New organization with Young hackers.
Advance researchers.
Multi talented.
Collaboration of Muslims hacker teams.
Aim is only to protect GreenLand from any vulnerability & respond them back very next second.

Founder: Ali

50 National Cyber Crew

Anonymous Team of PAKISTAN Cyber Space

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