Top 10 Pakistani Hacker Teams

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1 Pakistani Haxors Crew - PHC

It is also best

You just can't match with PHC its always exceeding the expectations! LONG LIVE PHC

I love this team very much

Miss you team PHC

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2 Pak Cyber Lions

Pak cyber lions is the best

Pak cyber lions is good team

Love you Pak Cyber

This is awesome

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3 MaDLeeTs

A great team with many formidable hackers and coders

Madleets best hacking team ever.

Always love MaDLeeTs

Hacked serveral Google official domains. Rulers of the cyber world.

4 Pak Cyber Experts - PCE

Plx help me to save my marriage plx hack a account for me I m from Indian occupied Kashmir

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5 Pak Cyber Eaglez

How if any one want to join your group

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6 Kashmir Cyber Army - KCA

One of the best patriotic team I have ever seen I am the part of it with codename KnOwn MAn...

The most passionate team

I know you are the best, please revenge Indian hackers

Always achieve targets (Y)

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7 Pak Cyber Attackers

Its best ever Anti hackers team, they are here to secure Pakistan Cyber Space and there Mission is to Stand Against Those Who Stand Against Pakistan & Islam

A team we call them real hackers

Best ever work they are doing

Faisal 1337

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8 Team Cyber Switch

One of the oldest and patriotic team in Pak Cyber Space

All the time Best Team

This team have great hackers

Best Team

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9 Blazing Hackers Pakistan - BHP

New age hackers team

I also want to join young hackers team, for my country... !
Kindly give me one chance and add me in your team, please. I will be very thankful to you

Have a good time in the world

Need your urgent help

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10 Team MaXiMiZerS - TMP

The Newcomers

? Dj Ali 1337
? Pangay Baaz Cobra

The Oldest Hackers Gang Of Facebook.
Multi Hackers Gang

The Contenders

11 Cyber TeamRox

One of the best and friendly crew and best tools ever.

This is solid team!

I will support you your you guys


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12 PakXploiters

Best Pakistani Team

13 Team Pak Cyber Skullz

I Think They're Unbeatable

I know you are best team ever because They revegne from indians hackers

Csan I join you sir?

GOod BRo

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14 Pak Hunters

Pak Hunters Pakistani Lions

The Real Pakistani Lovers

Pakistani Lovers


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15 Pak Cyber Crew

Best team Ever With Best Hackers

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16 Pakistan Cyber Tigers

Well done sir keep it up

One BEst Hacker Sh3zu 1337 Since hacking from childhood

good work

17 Team Risky Hackers

I want to be part of Team Risky Hackers

The Best Team on the Internet

Best Team And Helpers - Hamna

Good team

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18 Toxic Boys Team

THis Team is awesome Team. NIce Work with Team

Plese help me for clash of clan hacker on Pakistan 03236924833

19 The Revengers

2 hacker group work with together

20 BadLeets
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1. Pak Cyber Lions
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1. Pakistani Haxors Crew - PHC
2. MaDLeeTs
3. Pak Cyber Lions



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