Best Pakistani Rap Artists

The boys who stop the life of pop singing and started to rock at the stage musics like a hip hop and become a desi hip hoppers.

The Top Ten

1 Bohemia

Number 1 & best rapper of Pakistan

Bohemia is Best in the world

He is a great rapper in world

Greatest rapper in indo pak

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2 Huraira Ex

We love him he is the best lovable rapper of Pakistan

He's a best youngest rapper in pakistan

Unique style

Best everrr...

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3 Billy X

He is a king of punjabi rapstar


Sixcy rap

4 Bilal Saeed

He is the coolest singer and rapper of Pakistan

Popular singer

He is awasom.. Love you

5 Falak

Few of its rap are come but these are awesome

6 Imran Khan

Imran khan is the best Pakistani urban rapper/singer. JUST HEAR HIS MUSIC

7 Raqib Rock

Rock star when ever he rock he just rock like a star he is also a rapstar

His style is not copied from any singer he called rappers ka baap

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8 Rap Engineers

There are so many rappers in the industries of engeeniers but they performs well

9 Bunny Raja

He is a chakwalian munda

He is Good rapper he can beat honey singh badshah and raftaar
His voice is like bohemia

10 Dakku Daddy

He is star hip hopper hip hop ka king

The Contenders

11 Chen K



Best of all

Unique style,Seamless flow,Meaningful topics,Can go thoughtful or angry rap and his lyrics are straight from the heart!

12 UCP Rappers
13 Gullu Bhai
14 Faris Shafi

Awesome controversial wrapper


15 Billz & Kashif

Cool brother hit songs ever

16 Talal Hashmi
17 Aftab DPT
18 New Generation
19 Guru Lahori


20 Denna
21 Aqeel Sarfraz
22 Umer Zeeshan

He is the best rap star of Pak...

He is great rap star

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23 Rizwan Minhas
24 Hussain Senti

He is coolest rapper he maKES ALbum with rocks band

25 Riaz Raju
26 Mani Singh
27 Muntaha Dashing
28 Usama Dhami
29 Deep Fahad
30 Adil Omer
31 Faseeh Bravo
32 Hani Singh
33 Heavy Macheneri
34 Rabani Rock
35 Mafia Mundeer
36 Chakwalian Mundey
37 Ali Rockzz
38 Tauseeq

Fan of honey singh

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39 DJ AaSi
40 Abid Brohi
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