Best Pandora Hearts Characters

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1 Break

Break is the best. Pandora Hearts is so underrated since the manga is ten times better than the anime. - Goku02

I love break.. just why he is die :"(

We will miss you Xerx


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2 Oz

Oz is the best character in Pandora Hearts with the best development.

For some reason, Oz is underrated in PandoraHearts, even though he's the main character. (Usually the main character is overrated ) I think a lot of people say Oz is childish and naive, but they were never able to grasp his real character, and probably didn't read very far into the series. I absolutely love Oz's character development and how his problems go much deeper than you originally think they do. Oz has a lot of problems with insecurity and depression, but he can hide it very well at the beginning; it comes out near the end. I just love Oz's character development and his character in general. Go Oz! :3


3 Elliot

The only character I found worth reading this manga for.

He was the best character in bad that he is dead...:(

4 Gilbert
5 Black Alice
6 Cheshire Neko
7 Leo
8 Echo

More votes for Echo please ~


9 Charlotte (Lottie)
10 White Alice

The Contenders

11 Sharon
12 Oscar
13 Noise

De is the tallest at 5'7 in the girls

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