Top Ten Best Pandora Hearts Female Characters

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1 Echo

Echo has amazing character development, especially after meeting Oz. Echo is a very deep character who tries to act apathetic all the time but who actually does have feelings; she just things that, as a servant, she's not supposed to share her opinions or emotions. I love Echo, not just because she's a strong female character but because of how her character is built up.

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2 Lacie

She is a best beautiful woman in my heart forever

3 Noise
4 Alyss
5 Alice

Alice was always my favorite character. The way she dealt with things and how she always tried to keep Oz happy was adorable! Even though she tried to look strong there were moments that proved all in all that she was human.

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6 Ada Vessalius

I've heard so many complains about how Ada is useless and oblivious. Remember, Ada was raised in an environment even more innocent than Sharon's. She doesn't know how to fight and a lot of the dark things happening were kept from her. However, Ada still has remarkable mental strength, and you have to admit she's courageous whenever she shows it. Ada always tries to bring peace to a violent situation and level everything out. She's a mediator, not a fighter, and you can't complain about that because being a mediator is still important. I like strong female characters, and I still consider Ada strong. She looks at things through eyes that perceive everyone as equal, that say everyone has reasons for what they've done. And I love that.

7 Lottie
8 Sharon Rainsworth

Sharon is severely underrated. People make remarks about how she isn't strong and isn't important to the storyline. And let's be honest, she's not the MOST important character to the storyline, but she's strong. Maybe not that strong psychically, but mentally. Sharon always retains hope no matter what the situation, and she feels the need to be by Break's side when he's fighting, even if she usually can't because she doesn't know how to fight. Sharon was raised in a princess-like way, but I love how she doesn't want to wait for people to save her. She makes a big deal about being coordinated and graceful (as, apparently, a Rainsworth woman is always supposed to be these things), but she isn't a Disney princess at all. Even if it's impossible, Sharon is always saying how standing by isn't enough and how she wants to fight alongside Break, and I think that's brilliant.

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