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61 The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know

It is a nice tune that can get your heart pounding and you singing it for days.

Please, why is this not number one? I'm sorry.

62 We're So Starving

So funny! Its pretty much like "hey. We are poor guys. Help a brother out"

63 This is Halloween

This song is amazing! BRENDON URIE'S VOICE! The meaning of the song is pretty damn clear too!


64 Stall Me

So easy to relate to, really poignant. Upbeat and makes me feel better every time. "All of my dreams wake up to despise a world I once loved" "I had a rosy dream, you gave up on you and I gave up on me, well love came along and said leave them be"

Love this song so much the entrance is so beautiful as is the rest of this song I have no idea how this is currently ranked 50th it is probably my favorite song out of all of their music

I really think this should be much higher on the list. I mean, Brendon Urie's falsetto is fantastic. I think that Panic's B-side doesn't get noticed enough, and that's unfortunate, because those are some of their most innovative works.

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65 From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins

How is this so low? This is my absolute favorite song by panic and I cry every time I listen to it. The melody is so upbeat, but the lyrics are so sad.

Lying there with a halo in her hair she cries there are feathers everywhere but it's fine.

This song is great

66 All the Boys

Really meaningful and a very lovely song!

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67 I Wanna Be Free

This song should be more popular!

Seriously cannot believe this is not listed. Well, now it is :D
Definitely should belong in the top 10.
The lyrics is deep and the melody adds up to the depth and feelings it brings to the listener.
"Everything seems to be estranged when you're alone" best line
P! ATD forever!

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68 Intermission

I feel like I'm the only person who actually listens to and enjoys intermission

Definitely not a top ten song but fun to listen to.

69 Vegas Lights

How is this number 66? I jam out to Vegas Lights every day and it's one of my favorite songs on Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die

Makes me want to get up and start dancing! It's contagious.

"We're swimming with the sharks until we drown."

I jam to this song on the daily and it's 68? Total BS.

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70 I Have Friends in Holy Spaces

Best song on pretty. odd.

It's so simple yet so effective!

This sounds like such a sweet song but really its about famous "friends", if you could even call them that. it also mentions plans to dance in the rain with this person he loves. the whole song is meant to sound like it's a record and I love it so much!


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71 Girl That You Love

This song is actually their worst to the point where it's almost funny. I'm so glad it's on the bottom of the list like I expected.

Am I blind, or is this #65? I'm disgusted..This should far be #3. You HAVE To listen to this song.

This song is so underrated! It's a fantastic song and deserves much more credit!

I honestly don't get why it's so low like its not my favorite but I don't know why many don't like it

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