Top Ten Pantera Songs With the Best Riffs


The Top Ten

1 Mouth for War

This is by far the most genius and ear-satisfying riff ever Dimebag wrote.

2 Cowboys from Hell
3 Walk

This riff is so badass! - Userguy44

The guitar riff is just legendary! - IronSabbathPriest

4 Cemetery Gates
5 5 Minutes Alone

Such an amazing riff, got hand it to the late, And INSANELY GREAT Dimebag ( I Miss Ya Bud, Love ya) and Rex for keeping an amazing riff going - RustyNail

6 I'm Broken

My fave song from Far Beyond Driven. - IronSabbathPriest

In terms of riffs, my top 10 is:

1. I'm Broken
2. Domination
3. Cemetery Gates
4. Cowboys From Hell
5. Regular People (conceit)
6. The Art of Shredding
7. Walk
8. Shattered
9. 5 Minutes Alone
10. Floods

7 By Demons Be Driven
8 A New Level
9 Psycho Holiday
10 F***ing Hostile

The Contenders

11 Burnnn!
12 Domination
13 Primal Concrete Sledge
14 This Love
15 Becoming
16 Power Metal

Possibly their most technical riff

17 Floods
18 Drag the Waters

Better than Walk - TheDarkOne_221b

19 Hollow
20 I'll Cast A Shadow

Mouth For War is my personal favourite, but that's 1# already, and I felt this needed to be on the list. - Gasmaskboi19371945

21 Piss


22 Live in a Hole
23 Message in Blood
24 Strength Beyond Strength
25 The Sleep
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