Top Ten Pantera Songs from the 90s


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1 Walk

The guitar riff is very catchy and memorable. And the song itself is very badass and a fan favourite! RIP Dimebag Darrel. - IronSabbathPriest

2 Domination

I love this song! The solo is amazing, it just shows why Dimebag was a god. - IronSabbathPriest

3 Cemetery Gates

Amazing ballad with some awesome solos and very emotional lyrics. - IronSabbathPriest

4 Cowboys from Hell

As soon as the song begins, you know you're in for a treat! - IronSabbathPriest

5 5 Minutes Alone

A very heavy song with some kick ass guitar riffs and some of Phil Anselmo's best vocals. - IronSabbathPriest

6 I'm Broken

Another heavy one. Vinnie Paul's drumming stands out a lot for me in this song. - IronSabbathPriest

7 Hollow

Starts off quite slow, but builds up to a heavy masterpiece! - IronSabbathPriest

8 This Love

Another great ballad. I really like how Pantera can make ballads really heavy as well! - IronSabbathPriest

9 Mouth for War

I'm kinda sad that I've put this so low... but it's awesome, vote for it. - IronSabbathPriest

10 Becoming

If you've come home from a bad day at school or something, I'd recommend just blasting this song LOUD. - IronSabbathPriest

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1. Walk
2. Cowboys from Hell
3. Cemetery Gates
1. Walk
2. Domination
3. Cemetery Gates



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