Top Ten Paper Mario Couples

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Non playable and even bosses count
Only paper mario not snes but a good game

The Top Ten Paper Mario Couples

1 Goombario x Goombella

Both smart both cute perfect right or this could all end up in a rivalry but well I don't know - Blueyoshiparody123

My favorite paper mario couple

2 Koops x Koopie Koo

This could all end up in a rivalry now that Koops is tough.

I love it too cute koops and koopie koo - Blueyoshiparody123

3 Count Bleck x Tippi

Seriously, Count Bleck and Tippi should be in 1st place. Their love story is so sad and beautiful! The cutest couple in the Mario series, in my opinion!

Count Bleck is the main antagonist of Super Paper Mario and the love interest/girlfriend of Tippi and so in the end of Chapter 8-4 of Super Paper Mario Count Bleck and Tippi love each other very much and so Count Bleck and Tippi are married.

Just that romantic totally should play super paper Mario - Blueyoshiparody123

Their story is so beautiful

4 Lakilulu x Lakilester

This is an actual pairing? Holy crap!

Lakilester always says how cute she is - Blueyoshiparody123

5 Mario x Peach

They have a special romantic bond, so that's epic. - starryrcad

Peach may be annoying but think about it: Mario is always coming to her rescue whenever she gets into trouble! Which is A Lot! I gotta hand it to Mario, Mario's one heck of a dedicated boyfriend! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Worst couple EVER!

Princess PEach should not have anyone. She's too horrible and miscast.

Plumber and princess enough said - Blueyoshiparody123

6 Goombella x Goomgoom

She even said he was cute, but he was a bit too hasty - Blueyoshiparody123

7 Parakarry x Bow

What do you think? - Blueyoshiparody123

8 Kooper x Bombette

Well we all know who it should be cough*bruce*cough - Blueyoshiparody123

9 Doopliss x Vivian

This is my favorite ship because they both have experienced Beldam's harsh ways and they are just under appreciated.

I love this ship

10 Doopliss x Mimi

The Contenders

11 Hooktail x Gloomtail

Um. They're siblings.

12 Rosalina x Link
13 Dimentio x Mimi

This is one of my favorites. I can only imagine Mimi with Dimentio and Dimentio alone.

14 Bowser x Hooktail

Is bowser gay?

15 Mario x Vivian

Vivian thinks Mario and Peach is a couple, so this won't be canon at all. - starryrcad

Who wouldn't like this pairing? To me, this one's cute. MarioxPeach is a little iffy to me, and MarioxPauline is another story... Not to include it sucks.

16 Bowser x The Shadow Queen

If Bowser likes peach why not an evil peach?

17 Goombella x Mario
18 Daisy x Luigi
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