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1 We Believe in you Mario!

Joy, peace and, hope returning, shattering a witch's power and breaking the princess free. Epic, happy, and perfect.

The princess was not supposed to be kidnapped! She should be grounded/punished big time for being kidnapped. ! The original Paper Mario is much better than this crappy game!

Rawk Hawk is cool but this song is SUPER UPLIFTING and it's arguably one of the many different reasons why PM:TTYD is one of my favorite games of all time!

2 Rawk Hawk Battle

This is a catchy tune - darthvadern

You wanna hate me, but you can't help but love the RAWK!

You can clearly hear the sound of a crowd cheering in this theme.

3 Cortez Battle

Decent song enough - darthvadern

4 X-Naut Fortress

One of the catchiest tunes ever - darthvadern

5 Bowser Battle

Coming from a guy who has the entire soundtrack on his ipod, I think this was the best Boss Battle theme, just barely though. I still do think the Lord Crump battle theme is underrated, same with Doopliss and the Shadow Sirens, and thankfully everyone knows how awesome the Shadow queen theme is. - Gamefreak23788

It's like this theme is telling you that Bowser is now serious, even though he was a joke for most of the game.

6 Smorg Battle

A very fast paced theme, which is perfect for a battle on top of a train against a huge monster made of a bunch of smaller monsters.

7 Doopliss Battle

I love it - darthvadern

"YOU KILLJOYS! " - Garythesnail

Dumm tss ba bada ba dum ba the the ba ba bada ba dum ba the TSSH bum the bada doo the the ba the the BA baDA doo ba bum the BA DUM BA! bada ba the! doo BA DUH BA BA! bada the BA! doo BA the BA BA DIDDLY the doobe the boo the ba
oh god it's so catchy - NewSuperPaperMario

8 Rogueport

Pretty good - darthvadern

9 Magnus Von Grapple Battle

Yeah this one is nice - darthvadern

This theme is great and is definitely suitable music for fighting a big robot. Lord Crump/Magnus Von Grapple/2.0 is one of my favorite bosses in the game along with Doopliss.

Arguably one of the best theme songs. Just listen to it! Look at the techno and it's really catchy, it should be in the top 5's.

I remember this music more than any other music in Paper Mario.

10 Macho Grubba Battle & Keehaul Key

They're not the same battle - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Glitzville

True - darthvadern

Makes me happy

12 Shadow Queen Battle Phase 3

There are only two phases though - darthvadern

13 Dragon Slaying Battle
14 Shadow Queen Battle Phase 1

Creepy and cool - darthvadern

15 Target is the Moon!
16 Grodus Battle

So high-tech and futuristic, like Grodus himself

17 Danger!
18 Shadow Sirens Battle
19 Doopliss Theme

Yeah - darthvadern

20 Boggly Woods

So chill and calm tune - darthvadern

21 Roqueport

? What? - darthvadern

22 Hooktail Castle

Sorta scary and good - darthvadern

23 Sadness and Happiness
24 Fahr Outpost
25 We're Counting On You, Mario!

During the whole never give up scene in the shadow queen fight - Larrygo4

I defeated the shadow queen but died princess peach is somewhere and I can't remember where she said she is!

Good music, but the cutscene was dragged on WAY too long.. - Garythesnail

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1. X-Naut Fortress
2. Rogueport
3. Cortez Battle
1. Rawk Hawk Battle
2. Dragon Slaying Battle
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1. Doopliss Battle
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3. Shadow Queen Battle Phase 1

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