Top Ten Papers, Please Endings

Papers, Please is an awesome game with multiple endings. Check it out. 20 different endings, 17 bad endings and 3 good endings.

The Top Ten

1 Ending 19 (Member of the Order)

I love this ending.

I would play this game but the time limit kills it for me because I take things slow but at a steady pace. - DapperPickle

If you help the hooded EZIC messenger in just about every task he gives, as well as not shooting the EZIC members in the final day, you get this endings and the EZIC makes the inspector an agent. - Nonpointed

2 Ending 20 (Glory to Arstotzka)

Don't do any EZIC tasks and on the final day kill the EZIC agents at the end. Afterwards, the superior allows you to keep your job and Arstotzka is happy to keep your job. This ending triggers the Endless mode. - Nonpointed

3 Ending 18 (Snowier Pastures)

You escape with your family to Obristan, if you have the passport and 25 credits, and at least one family member alive. - Nonpointed

4 Ending 16 (Escape to Obristan)

What I would want if I was actually in that situation because of the lower risk than ending 19 - Mcguy215

This one is like ending 18 but does not require all living family members. - Nonpointed

5 Ending 12 (Detaining Shae Piersovska)

This is a bad ending if you detain a certain Kolechian diplomat. - Nonpointed

6 Ending 9 (Hired Rifle)

This one will sentence the inspector to death (as the man in red who EZIC wants him to kill is considered an innocent), but it unlocks the Hired Rifle achievement. - Nonpointed

7 Ending 3 (Too Honest)

Inspector is immediately arrested if he gives the EZIC documents to M. Vonel - Nonpointed

8 Ending 10 (Tranquilizing the Man in Red)

Same as the Hired Rifle ending except you don't get a death sentence. - Nonpointed

9 Ending 11 (Unauthorized Wall Hanging)

Happens if the M.O.A. supervisor comes and finds things like the drawing and the Arskickers sports banners on the walls. - Nonpointed

10 Ending 4 (Take or Burn the Money)

On day 11, someone gives you 1000 credits, which you can take or burn, if burned, he comes back on another day with 2000 credits. If accepted, these gifts cause you to be reported by neighbors with your savings taken away. If you don't let an EZIC agent interfere with this investigation, this ending triggers and you're arrested. Probably the hardest ending to achieve. - Nonpointed

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