Best Parachute Songs

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1 Kiss Me Slowly Kiss Me Slowly Cover Art

This is an amazing song. Really romantic too. It is going to give you chills when you listen to it, I'm not joking. The best song I've ever heard

This song is just beautiful. It makes me relaxed and happy and hits me right in the feels.

The feels in this song is too much to the extent that I don't want to listen to it.

Nice song love it so much

2 Forever and Always Forever and Always Cover Art

I love the story behind the lyrics, it always gives me chills (and occasional tears) whenever I listen to it. This is the best song ever!

This song can give you chills if you imagine the story! This is the best! - prashant03

Amazing, and such a touching story...

I love you forever and always.

3 Hurricane Hurricane Cover Art

This obviously deserves the first place. It's perfect. It's so beautiful it makes me want to swoon.

4 She is Love She is Love Cover Art
5 The Mess I Made The Mess I Made Cover Art

This is such a beautiful song. It's very heart-felt. I really love Will's voice in this.

Such a amazing & beautiful song...

His voice is heavenly

I adore this song

6 All that I Am All that I Am Cover Art

T.T... 1rst love this song..

7 Can't Help Can't Help Cover Art

It's catchy with an amazing tune that gets you hooked and makes you wanna play it on repeat without ever getting tired of it.

When I first heard it I was instantly hooked. It's catchy as hell and make you wanna dance!

8 Blame It on Me Blame It on Me Cover Art
9 Meant to Be Meant to Be Cover Art

Most entertaining from beginning till end

10 She (For Liz) She (For Liz) Cover Art

It is one of their top 4 songs including strange world, kiss me slowly, forever and always. It is so heartfelt and just amazing. It deserves to be at the top of this list

Same with the girl, when Taylor put this in her vlog I fell in love with the song, and then with parachute! The lyrics are so beautiful, and the song is extremely sing-out-loud catchy. This should be #1.

Great song... so catchy

This song made me falling love with parachute because Taylor put this song in her vlog

The Contenders

11 Back Again Back Again Cover Art
12 What I Know What I Know Cover Art

This song has to be higher than 11! It is so beautifully done! Come on people! Raise this up! - ohchizzitskriv

I love this song so much!

13 Didn't See It Coming Didn't See It Coming Cover Art
14 The Other Side The Other Side Cover Art
15 You and Me You and Me Cover Art

Now this is super underrated, the best song from them for sure!

16 Something to Believe In Something to Believe In Cover Art

Great song! Powerful.

17 White Dress White Dress Cover Art
18 Stuck In the Middle

How could this not be here?!?! The guitar is superb and song is just... Perfect

Come on!

19 Overnight Overnight Cover Art

How is this not in the list? It's my second favorite after 'Hurricane'.

20 The Only One The Only One Cover Art

What? This should be in the top ten! This songs is so beautiful and extremely underrated!

21 Be Here Be Here Cover Art

I just cannot believe this song is of even on the list

22 Ghost Ghost Cover Art
23 Jennie Jennie Cover Art
24 New Orleans New Orleans Cover Art
25 Had It All Had It All Cover Art
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