Top 10 Paradoxes That Mess With Your Brain

Well if you ignore the title and think you won't be going to the brain repair shop, then you're in for a surprise
The Top Ten
1 Dichotomy Paradox

I was thinking of the holographic principle, which it sounds like we are living in a world that is not real and that it seems out of touch of reality. After taking steps, the perspective seems to get more distant, distant and distant that there's no distance at all... The path is infinite. I way holographic principle because I was thinking that if it actually applies in real life. Sure, it's called a paradox, but I'm just saying. Maybe what I just said is just stupid... - Kevinsidis

In simple words think you have to go from point A to B (you are starting from point A) then you must first cross 1/2 the distance but to cross 1/2 the distance you must cross 1/4 of 1/2 the distance but to do so you must first cover 1/6 of 1/4 the distance and to do that you must cover 1/18 the distance and so on so you must cover infinity to get to point b - Toucan

Well this paradox is the official name of my Bus Stop Paradox that I mentioned in my own Paradoxes list. And yeah, it does really mess up your brain if you don't know calculus. Integration is the answer to this seemingly unanswerable paradox. - Kiteretsunu

"Basically, you have to transverse infinity to get anywhere." -John Green - keycha1n

2 Ship of Theseus

Suppose you take one part of a super cool destroying battle cruiser and replace it,the cruiser will still remain the Same right but if you you do this over and over till the last part of the ship remains,it still remains the orignal and so all the parts are the orignal but if you replace the last orignal orignal part (what else to call it ) and replace it it should still remain the orignal cruiser and the rest of the parts if you assemble into another cruiser so both the cruisers should be the same,right? - Toucan

3 Card Paradox

(Since I have no cards let the sentence after or befor the full stop be one side of a card this is not part of the paradox the next sentences are a part )
The sentence after the full stop is true.the sentence before the full stop is a lie. - Toucan

4 Ignore All Rules

But to do so you must follow the rule "ignore all rules " - Toucan

5 Grandfather Paradox

Most famous one of all time. - gemcloben

Imagine you build a septillion $ time machine and time travel to kill your grand dad (who I'm calling gd )before gd Bears your when you kill gd your parent won't exict intern you won't exict so your gd was killed by someone who doesn't excist but how is this possible? - Toucan

6 Twin Paradox

It really doesn't at all... - Kevinsidis

7 C Value Paradox

In common sense more complex species should have a more complex genome but an amoeba's geneome is 100 times more complex than our! - Toucan

8 Peto's Paradox

It states that larger mammals have a higher chance of getting cancer since they have a larger amount of cells but beluga whales and humans have the same chances of cancer - Toucan

9 Fermi Paradox

If there's intelligence out there where are they - Toucan

10 Moravec's Paradox

It states that logical reasoning need higher senses(winning a game of chess) than motor activities (walking around )but in computers it's the opposite - Toucan

The Contenders
11 Time Travel

It's so weird, if you go back in time to change anything, the universe will destroy itself because it will be done so you don't go back in time to do it. Confusing, huh?

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