Top Ten Paradoxical Things

A Paradox is a thing that has no answers and will simply repeat itself to the point where it's difficult to understand.

The Top Ten

1 Christian Atheism

This is an actual religion, look it up - SuperHyperdude

2 Police Breaking the Law
3 Naming Your Losing Team Winners

Or just being very egotistical - SuperHyperdude

4 Making a Video Explaining Why You Haven't Been Making Videos

You explain why you haven't been uploading but you did just uploaded a video - SuperHyperdude

5 Saying You Will Never Lie, When It's a Lie

Not only have you told a lie but you have also lied about the fact that you have never lied and that you have lied about you not lying that you have never lied and Li (Basically Pi but lying) - SuperHyperdude

6 The Fear of Long Words is Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

A fear of long words but the name is a long word itself, either that or the guy who made that word is an ass - SuperHyperdude

7 A Time Machine Takes You to a Time When Time Machines Don't Exist

A machine that is able to go to different times. Lets think about it, it can go to the past where a time machine didn't exist but you travelled that time in a time machine making it exist in the past but no one knows it - SuperHyperdude

Well, this paradox partly explains why one cannot built a time machine that goes into past. Time machine can only go into the future to avoid the paradox, if it is ever built. - Kiteretsunu

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