Top 10 PaRappa the Rapper Memes


The Top Ten

1 Romantic Love
2 Noodles Can't Be Beat


3 Kick (Dojo), Punch (Casino), It's All In The Mind
4 Lammy is Sexiest Redheaded Stoner Sheep Waifu
5 Um Jammer Lesbians
6 Giantess Lammy X Parappa Incest
7 My Guitar Is In My Mind (Leave It To Lammy)
8 M-I-X the CRACK into the bowl
9 You Wanna Grow BIG
10 I Gotta Believe

The Contenders

11 Inflation Was Not Kind To Lammy
12 Hairdresser Octopus' RED HULK SMASH
13 Parappa Headcanons
14 Hair Scare
15 Fright Flight
16 You Gotta Do What
17 Chop Chop Master Onion and the way that his social status becomes progressively worse with each game
18 What's Underneath Parappa's Hat?
19 Parappa should have chosen Lammy as his love interest instead of Sunny
20 Flower Sex Theories
21 Lammy Goes To Hell (Or An Island Named After It, Whichever You Prefer)
22 We Still Smell Their Smoke And We Cannot Play Straight With The First Two Games' Note-Hitting Detection
23 The Car Rap
24 Funky Flow
25 A Trick with a Twist
26 Keep Your Head Up
27 Flava Flava for My People People
28 Burger Fetishism
29 Cut Those French
30 Slurp It, Suck It, I Know You All Like It; that Slippery Little Thing Tastes Good All the Time
31 French Those Fries
32 Cool Mode Seizures
33 Joe Chin
34 You Said Anything, Didn't Ya
35 Afro Lammy
36 Sequel Hatred
37 Gaster (No, Not The Undertale One)
38 Parappa's Family
39 Using a Baby As a Guitar
40 Sunny's Scat Fetish
41 Lammy's Guitar Fetish
42 With The Funk
43 Bathroom Rap
44 Sunny's Pothead Father
46 Search For The Worst Video Game Titles Ever Created: Um Jammer Lammy
47 Parappa 2 Easy
48 I Am The Lord; Everybody Knows My Name
49 Chop Chop Master Onion likes to spend his spare time making car noises
50 Chuck Chuck Norris Onion
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