Best Parenting Therapists In Israel

Peranting therapists help parents deal with behavioral problems with their children. Israel has hundreds if not thousands of parenting therapists - here is a list of the best 10

The Top Ten Best Parenting Therapists In Israel

1 Adi Harpaz

Israel should have therapists for those poor poor little children that get randomly sent to Israeli jail by the israeli ARMY and ensure psychological pain and end up with mental illness.

Adi is by far the most professional parenting therapist I have ever met. She is encouraging, provided us with great insights and helped us overcome all issues we have with our two sons.

Betty Chase - omer12345

2 Tami Zitlani
3 Sefi Aragon
4 Hedva Bental
5 Shlomi Levy
6 Arye Ashdat
7 Neama Regev
8 Hila Galili
9 Rahel levi
10 Dorit Ronen
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