Best Parliament-Funkadelic Songs

Prolific funk band who rose to fame in the 70's and is one of the most sampled bands of all time! Led by the innovative genius of George Clinton "P-Funk"sold millions of records and gave memorable "Themed" concerts selling out iconic venues such as Madison Square Garden and The Los Angeles Coliseum.

The Top Ten

1 Flashlight - Parliament

A torrid fusion of funk and disco, this cut is one of the most recognizable songs anywhere. - Terrax

I love it so much. I can't help, but dance or airbass. - HardRockSam

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2 One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic

They're giving you more of what you're funkin' for! Funk national anthem! - Terrax

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3 Tear the Roof Off the Sucker - Parliament

When you hear the deep bassed voice of the late Ray Davis telling you to "Tear the Roof Off", just try to stay in your seat! - Terrax

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4 Maggot Brain - Funkadelic

Guitarist Gary Shider's magnificent homage to Jimi Hendrix! - Terrax

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5 Aquaboogie - Parliament

The long version can only be topped by the long version of not just knee deep!

"Sir Nose devoidofunk doing the underwater boogie! One of the greatest "Themed" concert concepts ever! - Terrax

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6 Not Just Knee Deep - Funkadelic

George Clinton Teamed up with the late, great Spinners lead singer Philippe Wynn to create a funky song that Got in Yo pants" - Terrax

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7 P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) - Parliament

Funk can not only move, it can "Remove" - Terrax

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8 Mothership Connection (Star Child) - Parliament

If you hear any noise its just George and the boys...Hit me! - Terrax

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9 Get Off Your Ass and Jam - Funkadelic

Nothing else needs to be said! - Terrax

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10 Night of the Thumpasorus People - Parliament

A Thick,Thumping serving of raw funk! Very underrated cut! - Terrax

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The Contenders

11 Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker) - Parliament UListen to Sample
12 Dr. Funkenstein - Parliament

The disco king with the monster sound! - Terrax

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13 Theme from the Black Hole - Parliament

Best Track from "Gloryhallystoopid" LP - Terrax

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1. Flashlight - Parliament
2. One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic
3. Tear the Roof Off the Sucker - Parliament


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