Top Ten Best Parodies of Band Names


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1 Dragon Whores (Dragonforce)
2 The Gates (The Doors)

Led by Bill Gates. Genre: Microsoft Rock - Billyv

3 Drag Queens of The Stoner Age (Queens of The Stone Age)
4 Pearl J*** (Pearl Jam)
5 Wolf F***er (Wolfmother)

I didn't know Wolfmother had a DeviantArt account, - xandermartin98

6 Handjob For A Cowboy (Job For A Cowboy)
7 Pacemaker (Heart)
8 Nir-Llama (Nirvana)
9 The Automobiles (The Cars)
10 Young Erection (One Direction)

The Contenders

11 The Shore Men (The Beach Boys)
12 The What, Where, When and Why (The Who)
13 Bagels (Bangles)
14 Geezer (Weezer)
15 The Multi-talented Musical Artists All Making Essential Contribution With No Frontman or Single Lead (The Band)
16 Edison (Tesla)
17 Normal Steve (Weird Al)
18 The Tumbling Rocks (The Rolling Stones)
19 The Dung Beatles (The Beatles)
20 The Blissful Reds (The Moody Blues)
21 Fallout Pip-Boy (Fall Out Boy)

I laughed so hard, water came out of my nose! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

22 Buckingham Nicks (Fleetwood Mac)
23 Blacksnail (Whitesnake)
25 Imagine Fairies (Imagine Dragons)

And everybody knows Fairy beats Dragon! - RiverClanRocks

26 The Non-Traditional Family (The Mamas and The Papas)
27 Only Down (One Direction)
28 Aeroshoemaker (Aerosmith)
29 Eminems (Eminem)

Not a band.

30 The Millers (The Killers)
31 Kinkin' Narc (Linkin Park)

Um, I don't say about this. - 05yusuf09

32 Rotordick (Motorhead)

LOL Meatspin much? - xandermartin98

33 Rolling Kidney Stones (Rolling Stones)
34 Red Hot Brian Peppers (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
35 The What (The Who)
36 Radio's Dead (Radiohead)
37 Sonic-Worshipping Youth (Sonic Youth)
38 Peen Day (Green Day)
39 Team Gay (Green Day)
40 Long and Hard Journey (Journey)
41 Crush On Sonic Making Me Horny (Crush 40)
42 Sleaze-pop (Freeze-pop)
43 Loaded P**** (Loaded Diaper)
44 Plastallica (Metallica)
45 The Naked Gay Brothers Band (The Naked Brothers Band)
47 Creedence Hillbilly Rednecks (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
48 Hellbound Hippies (Hellbound Glory)
49 Lean Gay (Green Day)
50 Egotistical Echidna (Modest Mouse)
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1. The Gates (The Doors)
2. The Automobiles (The Cars)
3. The Shore Men (The Beach Boys)
1. Pacemaker (Heart)
2. Handjob For A Cowboy (Job For A Cowboy)
3. The Gates (The Doors)
1. Drag Queens of The Stoner Age (Queens of The Stone Age)
2. Dragon Whores (Dragonforce)
3. Pearl J*** (Pearl Jam)


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