Top Ten Parody Episodes That Should Be Made If TheTopTens Were a TV Show

T.V. shows make spoofs and Parodies all the time? But if TheTopTen's were a T.V. show, what kind of Spoofs will be made?

The Top Ten

1 No Course Meals! (Parody of One Course Meal, Spongebob)

The Admin of the TopTens get's annoyed by Justin Beiber being added to every dang list, so they invite the TopTenners to a special "SpongeBob Themed Feast" until the TopTenners Realse that the Meals are filled with Poison and a Special Depression Potion. But, Britgirl saves the day with her joyfulness and a Emegancy kit filled with Anti-Depressant Pills, and The phone number for Poison Control. - Ihaskitty1234

2 Total Llama, Turkey Stars (Parody of Total Drama All Stars)

The TopTenners audition for a "Awesome Reality T.V. show" and they realise that they are stranded on a island. But the island is home to one of the craziest Asylums, The Turkey Asylum, and they must compete and survive the Asylum, while getting into crazy love triangles that are outragously confusing. - Ihaskitty1234

3 Dumb-Jay and Egg (Parody of Sanjay and Craig)

TheTopTens was peaceful until Giant Mechs in the shape of Butts attacked, but who was controlling the mechs?
Oh's DUMB-JAY AND EGG! The perverted slacker and his Andaconda, which appears to look like Niki Minaj for some reason. So its TheTopTens-VS-DUMB-JAY AND EGG! Who will win, Who will loose, well... TheTopTens of course. - Ihaskitty1234

4 My Little Phony, Fake-Questria Girls (Parody of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls)

The fakers are among the TopTens, and they make us angry, but for a reason, the Fakers decide to be Bronies and start kidnapping the Real Bronies and Lock them up, then they use there fake powers and turn into the Real Bronies themselves, Then the battle begins... And for the first time, Apple Jack cursed... - Ihaskitty1234

5 Big Mother, Mother Russia's Lost Siblings (Parody of Big Brother)

After he gets bored of Spanking Chimera, Shooting Ukraine, and Expirimenting dangerous Chemicals on Belereus,
Putin Decided to make an account on TheTopTens, so he relised, he was signing up for Big Mother, where he finds out if the TopTens users were his lost Siblings. And where he makes a quote. "I have no siblings, especialy the one who ships Russia with Ukraine because they go perfect with Siberian show! " "Oh, Japan show? NUKE Japan! " Also Featuring The President of Japan. - Ihaskitty1234

6 Five Nights of Sea World (Parody of Fnaf 1 2 3 and 4)

Sea World has always wanted the Marine animals abused 24/7, so they hire "Marine Enthusists" to "watch over the animals, when actually they want the workers to abuse the animals. This Episode is The One Course Meal of the TopTens, so not gonna explain anymore. - Ihaskitty1234

7 Keeping Up With the Atheists (Parody of Keeping Up With the Kardashians)

All of the Atheist users of TheTopTens grab a Camera and make a show about Atheists, which includes Sarcastic Drama, as all the other users use the funds to make a giant Statue of Jackie Evancho, until it breaks because they used Ear Wax instead of glue. - Ihaskitty1234

8 Twili Vanili (Parody of Twilight and Milli Vanilli)

This contains the love story of Two users, and those two users lip synced, and apparently got a grammy award for it.
Featuring crappy sequals. New Girl you know its true, Oh god when I stare at the Eclipse I still get my eyes burned, The Deathly Breaking Mockingjay dawn part 1, and The Deathly Breaking Mockingjay Dawn part 2. Also, we have to teams, Team Green Bay, and Team Chicago, just kidding, Team Puga and Team Pug. - Ihaskitty1234

9 Syberian Polker Face the Musical (Parody of Ivean Polka by Hastune Miku)

Here are the Lyirics to the Song/Spoof: Derp,derp,derp, Look it's Hastune, everyone loves her even though she's just a girl with a vegtable in her hand! Ren and Rin are boring -Weird Spammy lyric- Deja vu!
-Random Finish words- SCANDANAVIA! - Ihaskitty1234

10 I Ranted About Some Rappers While Traveling 8 Miles (Parody of 8 Mile)

Some TopTen lists are about "HER DER DUH SUNGER SUCS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO! " But this time the TopTenners go on a 8 mile trip while having depressing things happen to them. While Puga makes a Rap Song called "Not Afraid to Poop on your lawn, and I love the way you lie and Scratch my belly featuring Voldemort, and Slim Shady ate some ladies." - Ihaskitty1234

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