Top 10 Parody Names for Donald Trump

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21 Donald Lump
22 Trumpy Stump Fingers Trumpy Stump Fingers

I can't stop laughing! I fell off my couch, laughing, and my friend looked at me like I was insane until I showed her - Puglife_Films

That hand though, did he peel of some of his fingers - Lucretia

What the heck...?! LOL - Powerfulgirl10

lol agaga - PeeledBanana

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23 Dumb old Dump

I love this! - Kaboom

24 Donald Trump The Explorer Donald Trump The Explorer

Honestly, people only hate Dora because it is a kids show - HeavyDonkeyKong

I don't hate this show as much anymore and it is overhated. That was an old comment of mine. - AnimeDrawer

Ha ha! Dora and Donald both suck, if they were mashed together, that would be the worst show ever. - AnimeDrawer

Now I have to watch this show. Please make just one episode - Lucretia

This racist president would probally kick Dora out of the US because she speaks Spanish. Trump is a cabron.

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25 Donald Rump
26 Trumpsy
27 Yungoos Trump Yungoos Trump

What's the difference between a Yungoos and Donald Trump? One is adorable while the other is egotistical and obnoxious. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

28 Donald C***

Not sure if 'c***' is the pewp or d**k, but ether way, appropriate.

29 The New Adolf Hitler

Do I have to explain :P

30 Donald Slump
31 Chicken McDonald Trumpets

Chicken McNuggets coming up! - AnimeDrawer

32 Donald Bump
33 Donald Dumb

Should be higher! - micahisthebest

34 President Manchild McSpoiledbrat

Perfectly true - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I can't breathe - Puglife_Films

"McSpoiled Brat" haha - PeeledBanana


35 Trumpster Fire
36 Double-Pump

For those who don't get this one, a double-pump is a sex act where a woman sits between two men and jerks them both off at the same time. - Aragorn98

37 Donald Hump

I don't think this is appropriate - SeeU

38 You Greedy Trumpbag

This name literally sums up Donald Trump in a nutshell. - PerfectImpulseX

39 Donald Clump
40 IronSabbathTrump

This is wrong - SteelCity99

How dare you compare Trump to one of my favorite users? - Aragorn98

You're insulting IronSabbathPriest - Neonco31

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