Top 10 Parody Names for Donald Trump

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41 Doctor Trump
42 IronSabbathTrump

This is wrong - SteelCity99

You're insulting IronSabbathPriest - Neonco31

43 Donald Punk
44 You Greedy Trumpbag

This name literally sums up Donald Trump in a nutshell. - PerfectImpulseX

45 Dumbald Trump
46 Donald Fart

Yeah, cause in Britain, "Trump" means "Fart"


47 Donald Clump
48 Donald Poop

I wonder how long someone took to think of this one (god it's so stupid) - SteelCity99

49 Donald Numb
50 Donaldina Trump
51 Donald Douchebag

He is a douchebag.

52 Donald Stupid
53 Metal_Trump

I'm just making fun of a username - perfumelovers

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54 Forrest Trump Forrest Trump

Rhymes With Forrest Gump (Awesome Movie by the way) - VideoGamefan5

lol! - EliHbk

55 Donaldteem
56 Prince Trumpbucks

Greatest nickname ever

57 Donald Butt

Its funny

58 What the Trump What the Trump
59 Hulk Trump
60 The Donald
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