Top 10 Parody Names for Donald Trump

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61 Annoying Orange

Haha! This is genius - PugsfromMoon

Autistic orange

62 Senior Trump

I added this. It was supposed to be Señor Trump but I was too lazy to look up how to spell it. Man was I stupid. - Aragorn98

63 Señor Trump
64 Cheeto Benito

Love this one! - Lucretia

65 The S***hole President
66 The Donald
67 Donald Skunk

Donald Stunky - PokemonGOSucks

68 Donald Shutup

We all wish he'd do this. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Yes, yes we do - Puglife_Films

69 Donald Sucks
70 Donald Dick

Really really really good nickname

His middle name isn't Richard. - Lucretia

I love this nickname! - Powerfulgirl10

HAHAAHAHAAHA! That's hilarious.

71 Donald Jump
72 Donald Stump
73 Donald Thump
74 Donald Crump
75 Donald Frump
76 Donald Gump

Run, Donald, run!

77 Donald Klump
78 Donald Pump
79 Donald Sump
80 Tronald Dump Tronald Dump

One of my friends said this. I guess somebody else already did though. - Powerfulgirl10

This one is pretty creative!

Cool one. Its already popular - Lucretia

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