Top Ten Parody Names for The Loud House

Dedicated to my friend, TheLoudHouseSucks and all The Loud House haters. Go away, Loud House fans!

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1 The Lame House

Seriously bro, I mean I respect opinions why you hate the show. - TLHRules

This is a horrible article. This is actually offensive to the people who like this show.

Ignore the people who like the loud house. I loathe that show

TAKE OFF ALL OF THESE NEGATIVE NAMES NOW! I love the loud house but all of you loud house haters are douches! Most people love the loud hous since it's funny, but this?! THIS?! I DEMAND TO SEE BETTER NAMES OR... Y.O.U. W.I.L.L. P.A.Y. F.O.R. T.H.I.S. - IceFoxPlayz

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2 The Naughty House


3 The Noisy House
4 The Crap House

This list is genius! Lol The fans of this show are going to be mad! Muahahah it's worth it though! - TheLoudHouseSucks

This isn't even clever. - ItsPisces

I think this list is gonna be great! The fans are gonna get mad like "Insanely Mad".

(i wasn't here I'm just an imagination) - TLHFanBaseSucks

5 The Annoying House
6 The Crazy House


7 The Disgraceful House
8 The Dumb House
9 The Loud & Proud Family

LOL - toptenforlife

10 The Ugly House

The Newcomers

? The The Loud House House

The Contenders

11 The Lazy House
12 The Stupid House
13 The Disgusting House
14 The Unfunny House
15 The Loser House
16 The Retarded House
17 The Overrated House
18 The Worst House
19 The Fail House
20 The Crappy House
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1. The Overrated House
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3. The Lame House
1. The Crazy House
2. The Lazy House
3. The Noisy House
1. The Lame House
2. The Stupid House
3. The Naughty House

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