Top Ten Parody Names for The Loud House

Dedicated to my friend, TheLoudHouseSucks and all The Loud House haters. Go away, Loud House fans!

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1 The Lame House

Seriously bro, I mean I respect opinions why you hate the show. - TLHRules

This is a horrible article. This is actually offensive to the people who like this show.

Ignore the people who like the loud house. I loathe that show

Well, obviously it's lame.

(and I wasn't here by the way). - TLHFanBaseSucks

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2 The Naughty House
3 The Noisy House
4 The Crap House

This list is genius! Lol The fans of this show are going to be mad! Muahahah it's worth it though! - TheLoudHouseSucks

I think this list is gonna be great! The fans are gonna get mad like "Insanely Mad".

(i wasn't here I'm just an imagination) - TLHFanBaseSucks

5 The Annoying House
6 The Crazy House


7 The Disgraceful House
8 The Dumb House
9 The Loud & Proud Family
10 The Ugly House

The Contenders

11 The Lazy House
12 The Stupid House
13 The Loser House

I don't hate the Loud House, but this is clever, and 14, REALLY?! This is a list for Loud House haters, not for fans!

14 The Disgusting House
15 The Awesome House

An 11-year-old put this in douches! IT'S AN AWESOME SHOW!

Who added this? Ew... - TheLoudHouseSucks

16 The Unfunny House
17 The Retarded House
18 The Overrated House
19 The Worst House
20 The Fail House
21 The Crappy House
22 The Whore House
23 The Good House
24 The Random House

Geddit because random house is s book publisher amirite - purpleyoshi98

25 The Horrible House
26 The We Are Number One House

cringe - purpleyoshi98

27 The Five Nights At Lincoln's House

This would be a good Idea for a five nights at Freddy's parody.

28 The Quiet House
29 The Poo Poo House
30 The Disaster House

Is that a reference to The Disaster Artist?

31 The Sucks House

Never made sense. - DynastiSugarPop

32 The Peanut House

Or the Loudshack. Am I right? - DynastiSugarPop

It's THE PEANUTHOUSE - GravityFallsAndWBBLover18

33 The Okay House
34 The Crazy Girl House of Horror
35 The Hater House
36 The Bad House
37 The Mickey Mouse House
38 The Robbie Rotten House
39 The Snoop Dogg House
40 The Deadly House
41 The Loudtroyshka House
42 The Fjord House
43 The Doy House
44 The Toilet House
45 The Trash House

Because it is trash - christangrant

46 The Hold This L House
47 The Satanic House
48 The Cazy House
49 The Drug House
50 People on Drugs
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1. The Crazy House
2. The Lazy House
3. The Noisy House
1. The Lame House
2. The Stupid House
3. The Naughty House

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