Top 10 Parody Names for Metallica

Disclaimer: I like Metallica and this list isn't meant to be taken seriously.

If you can come up with one add it. I just mainly used song titles and album titles for parody names.

The Top Ten

1 Ridetallica

Probably makes the most sense to me lol.

Also Top was mispelled but NOT on purpose ocassionially I misspell a list and can't see the spelling error until after it's submitted.

2 Puppetallica

Self explantory.

3 Killemtallica

No explantation needed for this one lol.

4 Destructallica
5 Sandtallica

Suits this band well for a parody name in my opinion.

6 Whiptallica

Doesn't sound half bad.

7 Dyertallica

Obvious reference to Dyer's Eve but oh well.

8 Baterytallica

Not as good as the other parody names I came up with but good regardless.

9 Spitoutallica

Eh neutral towards this one.

10 Priestallica

The Contenders

11 Black Tallica
12 Nothingtallica

Enough said really.

13 Napstallica

Napster + Metallica = Napstallica - christangrant

14 Megatallica
15 Slaytallica

Slayer and Metallicas names Combined - christangrant

16 Pantallica

Pantera and Metallicas names combined - christangrant

17 Anthtallica

Anthrax and Metallicas Names Combined - christangrant

18 Iron Tallica

Iron Maiden + Metallica - christangrant

19 St. Tallica
20 Lulutallica
21 The Beatllica

There's actually a band called Beattalica (they play mashups of songs by The Beatles and Metallica).

22 Spitallica
23 Mothintoflametallica
24 Exodallica
25 Mintallica
26 LinkinPartallica
27 People=S***allica
28 Brutallica
29 Satanica

This one has to be the most unfunny parody names submitted to this list...

Sounds like a satanic version of Metallica.

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