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1 What Nintendoes that Sega Does Not (What Genesis Does that Nintendon't)

A parody of the worst game commercial ever made, In this parody, Mario, Luigi, Link, Pikachu, Yoshi, Kirby Pit, Ness and Ash Ketchum start beating many Sega characters, especially Mario starts t-bagging Sonic, he kicks him right in his "quakin'"balls (A Sausage Party reference, but I thought El Guaco said "Ay! Right in my "quackin'"balls" instead of "Ay! Right in my guacamballs! ), Mario punches Sonic, and Mario explains how Nintendo consoles are superior to that of Sega's and how the games are better. - GumballWatterson

2 The Boring World of Gumball (The Amazing World of Gumball)

An world you don't want to visit. - GumballWatterson

3 Fact of Evermore (Secret of Evermore)
4 Cucumber Party (Sausage Party)

The kid-friendly edition of Sausage Party, where everybody is an VeggieTales character. - GumballWatterson

5 Sausage Party in Da House (Veggietales in the House)

The adult version of VeggieTales, where everybody is an Sausage Party character. - GumballWatterson

6 Duper Malleo Luyeen (Super Mario Logan)

The CoolSuperMarioBros version of Super Mario Logan. - GumballWatterson

7 Da Lion Criminal Guard (The Lion Guard)

Slapped you in the face, stupid guy who adds Lion King characters in my tops! - GumballWatterson

8 Peed TV (Vid TV)

The channel with the scariest logo is now a channel where they show cartoons, SuperMarioLogan videos, and tutorials on how to make pee pee. - GumballWatterson

9 Yoshi's Condom (Yoshi's Cookie)

Line up condoms of the same color so Mario and Yoshi can still maintain their condom factory and make that Mario can get dirty with Peach and Yoshi with Birdo. - GumballWatterson

10 Titris (Tetris)

Tetris but with boobs, asses, vaginas and penises. - GumballWatterson

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? Books R Us (Toys R Us)
? Adults R Us (Kids R Us and Babies R Us)

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11 Kylo Ren Seeks Help (Ren Seeks Help)
12 Game Girl (Game Boy)
13 Burger Queen (Burger King)
14 Dairy King (Dairy Queen)
15 Seven Flags (Six Flags)
16 Beverly Hills Babies (Beverly Hills Chihuahuas)
17 Ps0 (Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, Ps4, PSP)
18 Scary Meal (Happy Meal)
19 Triple Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Quarter Pounder and Double Quarter Pounder)
20 Azn Rugrats (Rugrats)
21 Rugrats in Paris Las Vegas (Rugrats in Paris)
22 It's a Big World After All (It's a Small World)
23 I Believe I Can Die (I Believe I Can Fly)
24 Twas the Night Before Bad Day (Twas the Night Before Christmas)
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1. What Nintendoes that Sega Does Not (What Genesis Does that Nintendon't)
2. The Boring World of Gumball (The Amazing World of Gumball)
3. Fact of Evermore (Secret of Evermore)


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