Top Ten Parts of People in History

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1 Albert Einstein's Brain

Albert Einstein's brain was removed after his death for study and research purposes. After an initial study, the brain went missing. No one ever knew what happened to it. The brain was later rediscovered and donated to National Museum of Health and Medicine. - LightningBlade

2 Galileo's Middle Finger

Galileo's Middle finger was snapped of almost a century after his death. The finger was passed around for a hundred years and finally it is currently at the Florence History of Science Museum - LightningBlade

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3 Thomas Edison's Last Breath

I find this one really poetic, thanks to this list I learnt plenty of odd and cool things! - Lotuscandy

4 Lazzaro Spallanzani’s Bladder
5 Beethoven's Ear Bones
6 Buddha’s Tooth

The founder of Buddhism, Buddha's tooth was removed and preserved after his death in the 6th century. It was kept as a sacred relic. Today, the tooth is now displayed in a large gold reliquary in Kandy, Sri Lanka. - LightningBlade

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7 Abraham Lincoln's Bone Fragments

Several Bone Fragments and a blood clot forced out when doctors tried to remove a bullet from Abraham Lincoln's skull after he was shot. Today, these bone fragments are on display next to the bullet at the National Museum of Health and Medicine. - LightningBlade

8 José Rizal’s Vertebra
9 Che Guevara's Hands

His hands were amputated by a military doctor after his execution, and were preserved in formaldehyde to be sent to Buenos Aires for fingerprint identification. After that, it is not clear what became of them, although some accounts indicate they were sent to Cuba, a 2006 documentary "The hands of Che Guevara" is a search for the severed and probably missing hands.
There's a second Che Guevara's body part which went famous: After his death, a Cuban-born CIA operative snipped a lock of Che’s hair. He held on to it for 40 years, finally putting it up for auction in 2007, where it set an auction record for the highest price paid for a lock of hair: about $100,000. - Lotuscandy

10 George Washington’s Hair

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11 Benito Mussolini's Brain

After Benito Mussolini was executed, the American Government asked for a sample of his brain for study. After 21 years, Mussolini's brain portion was returned back to his widow. In 2007, pieces of Mussolini's brain came up on eBay and was being sold for $22,000 - LightningBlade

I don't know what kind of person would buy a dead persons brain for $22,000 - leafstar

What rather questions me is what kind of person would buy a dictator's brain... maybe for a cabinet of curiosities? - Lotuscandy

12 Kim Kardashian's Ass
13 King Louis XIV's Heart

As with many French kings, his organs were separated form the rest of his body and embalmed (mummified) in order to rest elsewhere. After the French revolution his heart was acquired by various people, including a painter who used part of it as pigment, before ending up in the ownership of the Harcourt family, where it was allegedly eaten by William Buckland, the Dean of Westminster when he was invited for dinner at their house.

14 Hillary Clinton's Face
15 Arnold Schwarzenegger's Muscles
16 Frank Sinatra's Voice
17 Hitler's throat

For he as a such great speaker despite for being evil, managed to make Germans follow his ideology with just his speechs.

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