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Michael David Rosenberg known by his stage name Passenger, British folk-rock singer-songwriter

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1 Let Her Go

In early 2013, the song broke through in Europe and Oceania, reaching number-one in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, making Passenger's first international success - MatrixGuy

The first time I heard Mike Rosenberg's voice, I was like, "Hey, is this a joke? ".
That would be the most, THE most, regretful statement I've made with respect to music. When I heard the full song, oh... it was beautiful.

Where the pure and quality music co-exists but useless drugs & sensual content exits; therein you reach Passenger. Solo & Staccato. Best song ever.

I HAD to vote "Let Her Go" It's so beautiful. And his voice is so honest and innocent. This is on my list of 'Songs You Would Play On A Loop'. Just such a lovely song. You're right to crown this gem. - Britgirl

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2 Holes

Great song, great band, love it!

Many Passenger songs make me feel like I gain more life experience just by listening to them. This is one of them. Talks about heartbreak in life very beautifully.

The most beautiful and meaningful. So touching should be on top.

I know his voice isn't good but he has meaning in his songs - zxm

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3 The Wrong Direction

Passenger songs are my best of all song and it makes me redemption feeling as I am having the same felling that he sang in the let her go song and other are to beautiful.

This for me is amazing mike's superb lyrics and beat made me fall in love with this song try it out I'm sure you'll love it

A catchy tune and some amazing lyrics! One of his best songs!


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4 Things That Stop You Dreaming

His best song after Let her go

Hilarious... meaningful... Great and inspiring...

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5 Life's for the Living

This song has the lyrics any band might dream of creating... One of the absolute best lyrics and smooth classy tune, very good for soft late night music...

This made me fall in love with passenger music. It blew my mind. Helped me with my career choice. It put me in another place

The hell with the lyrics! Mind boggling but true!

Incredible song, paints an image quite unlike any of his other songs, also has the nicest guitar of all his songs in my opinion

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6 All the Little Lights

This song should be higher up the list. Such a beautiful song with lovely lyrics.

Its very meaningful. Its simply brilliant.

Touching lyrics and beautiful melody, complimented by Passenger's unique vocal style.

I think this song should be up on this list, its simply beautiful.
Should be in the top 4.

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7 Staring at the Stars

It sounds kind of silly but then you listen to the acoustic version and you want to cRY it's so beautiful. "who needs love when you've got silicone and strap-ons? "

The acoustic version is beautiful, but the original I think is even sadder with the contrast between the music and the lyrics. Listen to both of them, such a good lyrics!

Full with meaning, it's a powerful satire, with a feeling of mockery and irony. Beautiful song with great lyrics, best of the album

My favorite Passenger song!

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9 What You're Thinking

Meaningful lyrics,love it 💘

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10 Circles UListen to Sample

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11 27

This song can simply make anyone happy .

This song deserves #2

27 such an honest, fun and uplifting song

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12 Keep On Walking

This is a masterpiece, should be #1 or at least in the top 3

Come on guys! It should be in top 5..

Great song

Has everyone lost it... ? This is a really great song... I mean, after "let her go" & "holes", this one has to be on top...
For those who haven't heard it...
PLEASE GIVE IT A SHOT... I sure y'all will definitely vote... !

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13 Feather On the Clyde

Is best song go swim in clyde dumbass

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14 Fairytales & Firesides

This song is so beautiful! It is sad and hopeful in the same moment. "We long for fairytales and firesides" summarized everything I have ever longed for in one sentence.

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15 Heart's On Fire

By far this is his best song could listen to it on repeat all day long

My new favorite song his duet with ed sheeran is amazing best I've ever heard

Just listened to it. It's really nice.

Perfect song couldn't be better

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16 Patient Love

Wonderful song I like it,deserve to be in top 5

I've got a pinch of tobacco in my pocket, I'm not going to smoke, I'm not going to smoke it

This is should be in the top 5... So beautiful song

Patient Love. Should second after let her go. It's a master. Unbearably nice.

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17 Riding to New York

Wow, Mike has made some pretty emotional songs over the years but none top this, got me right in the feels from the first verse and is THE highlight of Whispers. The songs tells the story of an old man who is slowly dieing from smoking and is going to ride across the US to see his family one last time in New York. Definitely listen to this, while it isn't as catchy or relatable as songs like Staring at the Stars, Holes and Whispers it is one of his best. Great job as always Mike!

Such a sad song, especially since it's true!

Really great song, very emotional

Dis song is poetry at its best... the storyline just takes u into a journey... my best passenger song of alltym

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18 Caravan

Full of emotions, good lyrics and inspirational beats; should be high up on list, one of my personal faves!

Has to be in the top ten!

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19 Scare Away the Dark

Such a beautiful song. What I like more about this song than any other is that its such a feel good song

I live the idea of "if we all light up, we can scare away the dark" - beautiful A poet to be sure.

Great song to get people out of home and to do things

This is what music all about... Classy

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20 Golden Leaves

This song guts me. I can hardly made it through this song without shedding a tear or two.

21 Wicked Man's Rest

Beautiful, but not heard all to often. Listen and be amazed

I love this song

There's no song superior to it...

Just Awesome

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22 Walk In the Rain

Something about this song is just purely magical.

Touches the deepest recesses of your heart...

One of the best

Great and underrated song

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23 The Last Unicorn

I really love this song

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24 Whispers

THIS IS THE BEST PASSENGER SONG. it will make uh feel nostalgic and happy, its just pure heavenly music slowly gaining pace, its such a nice treat to the ears, never tiring songs, please vote and make this the number 1. this one deserves it.

Absolutely amazing song. Cannot wait for his new album. Builds up slowly and the finish is beautiful

One of his best works. It gives me so much peace that I just can't explain. No other song had made me feel the way it does.

"You see all I need is a whisper in a world that only shouts"

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25 And I Love Her

One of the best song that explains start of beautiful love. You remember her and you relate a lot with a smile.

Awesome...slow meaning full go with the flow

26 Somebody's Love

One of the meaningful song from passenger - Neoud

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27 Hard to Say I'm Sorry

Passenger's best song I ever heard. It should be in top five. Awesome lyrics awesome music and the voice just awesome

28 Anywhere

This song released this year 2016,and this song is good,will be on top 10 soon,if people start listening it - zxm

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29 Home

This song is a beauty.

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30 Things You've Never Done

Why this songs is not in the top 3?!?!

Mind blowing. Heart rending stuff!
"... The only failure is never to try..."
So if you are a true passenger fan you would definitely try it out.

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31 Coins In a Fountain

Such an amazing song

I Love this song mehn. Frankly speaking

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32 Hell or High Water

Easily one of the best works

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34 Romeo & Juliet

Cover From Dire Straits, but I prefer Passengers Cover of the song, new song but should move up the list

35 Darkest Days

Most emotional song I ever heard, this should be in the top 3

36 The Way That I Need You

Just listen to this heart taking song... and think deeply on the lyrics

One the best songs by passenger should be in top 10... please give it a try.. its beautiful!

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37 Walk You Home

I have all Passenger's albums and this is the song I keep coming back to

This is such a unique and unbeatable song, it's one of his oldest but it's one of the best.

Ace, my wedding song

38 Diamonds

Amazingly spectacular song

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39 I Hate

This is an AMAZING song, very relatable and great for venting your own emotions too! It should definitely be much higher up the list.

Love the lyrics, this is full of great lyrics. Good job.

"Well, I hate pointless status updates on Facebook
FYI we were never "m8"s
We pretend to be friends on the internet
When in real life, we have nothing to say". This song is great; behind the ranting there are many important messages. Please listen to it (or look up the lyrics), you'll love it!

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40 David

Imagine listening to this song at 2 am in a smokey room on top of a tall building next to everyone you love

To be honest, it's a hard choice between 'David', 'Holes', 'Wrong Direction', and 'Heart's on Fire' for me, but I think the emotion and honesty conveyed in 'David' is able to edge out the others for me. Gotta say though, I love Mike and every song he does, and many of his songs have a special place in my heart. Keep it up, mate.

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41 Catch In the Dark

I live this one! Should definitely be in the top 10

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42 Intacto


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44 Bullets

In my opinion, this is one of Passenger's saddest songs. While it is not extremely relatable, it is very upbeat and tells a great story. It is about the father of one of Passenger good friends who began collecting bullets when he was nine years old and one day had almost all of them stolen from him. What makes this so upsetting is that the bullets could not be used and we're completely useless to everyone except the man who had developed a big attachment to his collection. This song makes you realize how insensitive people can be and makes you feel very sorry for the man who had his most prized possession taken away from him. Not only does the story behind the song make it so great, but the song is very catchy and fun to sing along to

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45 Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea UListen to Sample
46 Sweet Louise

How is this song not on the list? It is an absolute masterpiece.

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47 Blind Love

An amazing and touching song. It's a really good one though x

�� A perfect song

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48 A Thousand Matches
49 Rolling Stone

Love all of Mike's songs, but this is a personal favorite from 'Whispers'.

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