Best Patty and Selma Centered Episodes In the Simpsons

I know they are mostly Selma centered episodes, but enjoy!

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1 Selma's Choice (Season 4)

Selma decides to test her maternal instincts before having kids of her own and she takes Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens to try out her parenting skills, but after the day goes horribly wrong, she concludes that she isn't ready for motherhood yet, so she decides to adopt her late aunt's iguana Jub-jub

Also one of the episodes I love the most - RickyReeves

2 A Fish Called Selma (Season 7)

Selma falls for Troy McClure after taking her to dinner, he decides to marry her, but during the bachelor party before the wedding, Troy drunkenly tells Homer that the wedding is a sham and doesn't really love her and it'll help boost his career. - RickyReeves

3 Principal Charming (Season 2)

Selma becomes jealous when Patty starts dating Principal Skinner. - RickyReeves

4 Black Widower (Season 3) Black Widower (Season 3)

When Selma falls for Sideshow Bob and gets married to him, Bart doesn't like the idea and is convinced that Bob is planning something else. He's planning to kill Selma. - RickyReeves

Best Selma episode ever, hands down. Not a Bouvier twins fan, but this one was really good.

5 Goo Goo Gai Pan (Season 16)

Selma experiences menopause and cannot have a child, Lisa convinces her to adopt a child in China, but they do not allow single parent adoptions, so Homer has to pretend to be her husband, whilst Marge acts as Bart and Lisa's nanny, all goes well and they adopt Ling, but Homer and Marge are caught by the adoption agent and Ling is taken away. - RickyReeves

6 There's Something About Marrying (Season 16)

Springfield decides to legalise same sex marriages and Homer decides to become a minister after hearing that they are paid $200 per couple. Patty comes out to Marge and decides to marry Veronica, but Marge discovers that Veronica is a man. - RickyReeves

7 Treehouse of Horror VIII (Season 9)

Easy Baked Coven: Marge becomes a witch and joins forces with Patty and Selma, who are also witches and they invent trick or treating in Halloween. - RickyReeves

8 Homer vs Patty & Selma (Season 6)

Homer loses all his money in pumpkin stocks and turns to Patty and Selma for a loan. He tries his best to keep it a secret from Marge. But when the secret is out, Homer becomes an unlicenced Chauffeur, he is caught and taken to the DMV, they intentionally fail Homer but when they are caught smoking by their supervisor, she tells them that it can cost them their jobs, but when Homer is about to snitch on them, he realises that Marge won't forgive him. He takes the two ciggys and pretends to use them, thus Patty and Selma clears the debt. - RickyReeves

9 The Real Housewives of Fat Tony (Season 22)

Selma falls for Fat Tony and marries him, but she realises that he was already married and she was just a 'goomar' - RickyReeves

10 I Married Marge (Season 3)

The Contenders

11 There's Something About Marrying (Season 15)
12 Rome-Old and Julie-Eh (Season 18)

Homer makes some budget costs to save his assets, causing Grampa to move out of the retirement home, he falls for Selma and they marry; to Homer and Patty's dismay - RickyReeves

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