Top Ten Best Paul Bourget Quotes & Written Works

The Top Ten
1 At certain moments, words are nothing; it is the tone in which they are uttered.

Yup, so true. - Metal_Treasure

2 There is no such thing as an age for love … because the man capable of loving — in the complex and modern sense of love as a sort of ideal exaltation — never ceases to love.
3 The forests have taught man liberty.
4 The cruelest revenge of a woman is to remain faithful to a man.

LOL... I don't even know what to say... - Metal_Treasure

5 This teaching is to live as we think, otherwise, sooner or later, we end up thinking as we lived.
6 Some day you will know for yourself that it is almost as true to say that one recovers from all things as that there is nothing which does not leave its scar.
7 There are conditions of blindness so voluntary that they become complicity.
8 There is only one thing infamous in love, and that is a falsehood.
9 There is iconoclasm in the excessively intellectual, and they delight in destroying their dearest moral or sentimental idols, the better to prove their strength.
10 There are some surely whom you like and whom you dislike, for whom you entertain esteem and for whom you feel contempt? Have you not thought that you have some duties toward them, that you can aid them in leading better lives?
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