Top Ten Paul Butterfield Blues Band Songs

I've heard and love so many of their songs. The ten I've chosen are the ones I've played on a loop. I know there are many many more which deserve to be included in this list; so any you feel I should have added, feel free to do so.

The Top Ten

1 Driftin' & Driftin' Driftin' & Driftin'

Jimi, Janis and Paul. The three hardest losses in the history of 20th century American music. Each was a trailblazer and a phenomenal, almost otherworldly talent. And each to this day is untouchable. We can only listen, remember, and stand in awe.

Such a cool song. Love the sax - BrianScott01

Just spent a gorgeous afternoon with this man. :). - Britgirl

2 Losing Hand Losing Hand
3 Screamin' Screamin'
4 Blues with a Feeling

It seems fitting to put my vote to this song to mark what would have been Paul's 75th birthday (17th December, 2017) because Blues with a feeling is exactly what Paul gave us. Thank you Paul. - Britgirl

5 Drowned in My Own Tears
6 No Amount of Lovin'
7 Just to Be with You
8 Thank You Mr. Poobah
9 Night Child
10 I Want to Be with You

The Contenders

11 Pity the Fool
12 Highway 28
13 Droppin' Out

So soon after your resurrection, Pigboy? - Britgirl

14 Morning Sunshine

Irene hopes you have a lovely day :). - Britgirl

Well, mornin' t'you, too:). (But, psst... that's not the name of the song.)

15 Born in Chicago
16 Too Many Drivers

Presumably this list is not limited to BBB, and Better Days and solo are acceptable?

17 Work Song

I love this. Thank you for refreshing my memory. It needed it. - Britgirl

18 Where Did My Baby Go

Here's one... - Britgirl

19 The Breadline
20 Get Yourself Together
21 Win or Lose
22 It All Comes Back

This is what a musical hoot sounds like after a long and tightly structured session in the studio:).

Too much gumbo and Jack Daniels :). - Britgirl

23 Buried Alive In the Blues

"Blue skies and better days." Nice. Really nice.

What a wonderful way to go! - Britgirl

24 Broke My Baby's Heart

The funky, gritty, syrupy-smooth vocals of Ronnie Barron. R.I.P.

25 New Walkin' Blues
26 Done a Lot of Wrong Things
27 In My Own Dream
28 Last Hope's Gone

Dave. Sanborn. Is. Celestial.

29 Walkin' by Myself
30 Trainman
31 Born Under a Bad Sign
32 Last Night
33 Here I Go Again
34 Little Piece of Dying
35 Drunk Again
36 Buddy's Advice
37 Everything's Gonna Be Alright
38 Tollin' Bells
39 Nobody's Fault But Mine
40 Except You
41 Get Together Again

Paul on piano and vocals (in case you don't recognize his voice by now;). Believe you'll appreciate the theme.

Nice. I like this song :) And thank you, I do appreciate the theme.. - Britgirl

42 Please Send Me Someone to Love

Hmm..How about a small gift-wrapped package, sent by Special Overseas Delivery? :).
Gorgeous song. - Britgirl

43 Double Trouble
44 Love Disease
45 Never Say No
46 Our Love is Drifting
47 Shake Your Money-Maker
48 Got My Mojo Working
49 Look Over Yonders Wall
50 Mystery Train
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