Top Ten Paul McCartney Solo Songs

I just realized that we have a Best Beatles Songs list and a Best Songs by Paul McCartney list, but no list for dear Paul's solo career alone. This includes Wings, the Fireman, and any post-Beatles projects.

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1 Maybe I'm Amazed

If you hear the isolated vocal you just realize how great he was as a singer. At his prime he had a vocal range of 4,5 octaves and he could sing tender ballads and raw rock 'n roll. - SintJohn

After Yesterday this is the best song with Paul McCartney's Vocal's. - SouthRight

This was released as a single when Paul McCartney preformed it in the Wings Over America Tour

I still don't know why this wasn't released as a single originally. - PetSounds

2 Band On the Run


3 Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

Best Wings song

4 Live and Let Die

A classic James Bond theme song and James Bomd movie

5 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
6 My Love

Best song ever! A classic

Only my love holds the other key to me
- among the best lyrical lines ever in a love song - Billyv

7 Listen to What the Man Said

This song makes me happy all of the time I listen to it

8 Jet

It's a David Bowie ripoff ("Suffragette City", anybody? ), but it's still great. - PetSounds

My favorite paul McCartney song that isn’t beatles

9 Hi Hi Hi

"Well, take off your face, recover from the trip you've been on. I want you to lie on the bed, get you ready for my body gun."

That line got it banned. Not to mention, Paul keeps singing about his "sweet banana". - PetSounds

Paul has sometimes claimed the correct lyric is "polygon" not "body gun" but who knows which time or on what he was hi, hi, hi... - Billyv

10 Mull of Kintyre

Toronto is one of only about five places where Paul performs this song live. I'm so excited to see him. - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 Monkberry Moon Delight
12 Too Many People

A couple of admitted jabs at Lennon and Yoko in the lyrics and perhaos at the other Beatles too during the "feud" and around the time if the breakup - Billyv

13 Another Day
14 Here Today
15 Mrs. Vandebilt
16 Junk
17 Coming Up
18 No More Lonely Nights

From the best movie ever (in my opinion), Give My Regards To Broad Street

The best song ever from Give My Regards to Broad Street

David Gilmour's guitar solo makes this song for me. - PetSounds

19 Let 'em In

My dad used to play this song for me when I was younger. It is still one of my favorites to this day. - Doom

20 Magneto and Titanium Man
21 The Song We Were Singing
22 Temporary Secretary
23 Junior's Farm
24 Yesterday

Even though its called a Beatles song, paul mccartney basicaly did the song on his own - RecklessGreed

25 Queenie Eye
26 Venus and Mars / Rock Show
27 I Don't Know
28 Let Me Roll It

My heart is like a wheel, Let Me Roll It to ya

29 Letting Go
30 Silly Love Songs

It is a lovely piece of work made by McCartney to poke fun at his critics.

31 Ebony and Ivory
32 Every Night
33 Mary Had a Little Lamb
34 The Lovely Linda

Linda McCartney was a wonderful photographer and musician. It was really nice of Paul to write a song about his former wife, Linda

Wonder why this song was about Linda McCartney...

35 That Would Be Something
36 With a Little Luck
37 Take It a Away
38 So Bad
39 Wild Life
40 C Moon
41 Getting Closer
42 Young Boy
43 Wanderlust

One of the best songs from Broad Street and his album, Tug Of War

44 Save Us
45 Somedays

From "Flaming Pie"; so great that it might just be Paul's "In My Life". Stunning that he still had something that great left inside him by 1997.

46 Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)
47 Jenny Wren
48 Sally G

Only McCartney ever to chart country.

49 Waterfalls
50 New
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1. Band On the Run
2. Monkberry Moon Delight
3. Listen to What the Man Said
1. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
2. Maybe I'm Amazed
3. Junk
1. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
2. Listen to What the Man Said
3. Maybe I'm Amazed

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